Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Double MMNW

If you're keeping score (and nobody is), the last MMNW update posted had my weight at 179 lbs even. Totally missed posting last week's update, but it was 178.2 lbs and 20.2% bodyfat. This week's update is 178 lbs and 18.1% bodyfat, causing me to think that monday morning is by far the worst time to weigh in. See this kind of thing happens on the weekends around here

And that brownie in a mug is fantastic. The weekends are my weakness. Friday morning I weighed in at 175 even, which was fantastic. that's typically my training weight, so yay! Then I swelled up 3 lbs over the weekend. So frustrating - but it's really not. Weight always goes up and down, friday is usually the low point in the week. Seeing the pattern without being able to change it is what's frustrating.

This past weekend, we went to visit Kelley's old college roommate and I love getting to hang out with them. They live on the coast and we always have a good time together. This time it also included tons of beers, a 5k race (where I took 3rd place overall - yay!), all you can eat sushi, pizza, and breakfast buffet. All were wonderful. That's putting life into living. This week I've got to pay back that weight debt, and hopefully break through that 175 plateau I've been stuck on for years.

My long runs for the last couple of weeks has been pretty good. 2 weeks ago I got in 9 miles Saturday and 11 on Sunday for a 20 mile weekend. Then this weekend had the 5k race saturday, then another 10 miles after we got back home on Sunday. My next race is a 50k in Maryland coming up in 4 weeks. I need to get the endurance base up there so hopefully I will be a bit more comfortable than I was at the end of the Harbison 50k a few weeks ago.

Those long runs were fueled by SaltStick! Those are a great way to get all of the electrolytes I need without having to take in all of the sugar and calories in Gatorade. Really digging it right now.

January has flown by! The end of Jan makes 9 weeks on this weight loss phase, and brings with it the Super Bowl. Time for some fun. Discipline is fun, right?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That brownie mug is awesome!

I am glad you had a fun weekend with Kelley's college friend.

I weighed myself this morning and was up 2 pounds. I wasn't as active last week due to pain in my foot and leg (which was caused by issues in my back I think) but I didn't adjust my eating enough so I am not surprised about the weight gain. But I know I'll take those 2 pounds off in no time. I've definitely gotten to the point where my weight tends to fluctuate by about +/- 2 pounds. I can't get lower than the lower bound of my weight and I'm ok with that now because I know it'd require sacrifices I'm not quite willing to make...

Abby said...

I am still struggling with craving sweets like a beast. However, I agree with you, weekend are the hardest. I too probably weigh the least Friday morning and the most Sunday night. You did a great job cutting that holiday weight off quick.

Amy - the gazelle said...

I love your unicycling costume. It delights me. I hope you wear that around all over the place.