Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Goal Review

This is always one of my favorite posts to write. Looking back at all of the accomplishments of a year gone by with all of the promises of advancing into a new year with new goals to chase down. First, let's close out December:

Swim: 18,150y, 6 swims
Bike: goose egg
Run: 126.18 miles, 15 runs
Stretch: 5 times
Yoga: 18 times

Kinda hoping to top 20k in the pool, but the 126 miles of running is pretty nice. Really nice actually. With all of the holiday hoopla those numbers are pretty solid.

And the fun totals for all of 2014:

Swim: 231,500 yards, 131.53 miles, 5 races
Bike: 2170 miles, 4 races
Run: 1227.33 miles, 8 races
Strength: 73 times
Yoga: 184 times

Compared to 2013:
Swim: 210,220 meters, 119.44 miles
Bike: 3,869.25 miles
Run: 847.8 miles
Strength: 81 times
Yoga: 90 times

So 2013 had tons and tons of time on the bike and 2014 had a lot more fun. This was my highest running year ever! By a long shot. Plenty of swimming and plenty of running and a nice even balanced time on the yoga mat.

I finished 11 races in 2014, including setting a marathon PR and knocking down my first two 50k's. 5 marathon or longer races, 3 triathlons including my last Ironman, and 2 open water swim races including my first 5 miler made for a solid race schedule. I also took the overall podium for the first time, finishing 3rd male in a 5k in SC. That's a helluva year by any standards.

2014 Goals:

Mantra: Long and lean in 2014. Success!
I'd say with all of those long races and an average weight of 180.88 lbs this is a winner. My scale was actually stuck with a dead battery for most of the Ironman training plan and that's when I was at my leanest. We'll just call this one a win.

Short term goals:
4 hour revenge: Finish Myrtle Beach Marathon under 4 hours - Success!
Finished in 3:46 for a nice shiny PR
11 hour Ironman: Finish Rev3 Cedar Point in 11:xx - Fail!
Finished in 13:52 with personal worst times in all 3 sports
Maniac Streak: Get another Marathon Maniac star - Success!
Did the Myrtle Beach Marathon and Umstead Trail Marathon only 14 days apart - 1 star
Pick an alternative race - Fail!
Nothing but regular swim/bike/run stuff for me. No obstacle courses or warrior dash for me last year.
A Single 5k swim - Success!
The 5 mile race at the Lowcountry Splash in Charleston took care of this one.
A single 50 mile run week - Success!
I ended up with several 50 mile + weeks, topping out at 56 miles in Ironman training

Long term goals:

Financial: Pay off the rest of our debts and sell this last rental property - Success!
We finished paying off $152k in debts when we sold the last rental property in March 2014. Dave Ramsey's methods worked for us and it has totally changed our lifestyle. Amazing stuff.
Travel: Visit friends in Ohio and make a social trip to Atlanta - Partial Success!
We did get to visit some special people in Ohio but I did not make it down to the dirrrty Atl for a social visit. Maybe next year.
Run 1200 miles: Success!
Averaging 100 miles per month is a seriously huge target. So glad I was actually able to get there!
Run 4 marathons, 6 would be better, knock 2 more states off of the 50 state list: Success!
I ran 5 marathon or longer races, and knocked Ohio and Virginia off of the 50 state list.
Volunteer at more races: Success!
I was a timer at local swim meets and volunteered at the Umstead 100 aide station 2 and in the pacer pool.

Overall, 2014 was an amazing year. The kids kept growing, the family is stronger than ever, and I felt accomplished athletically. The low point of the year was losing Gene before thanksgiving - that was really tough. High points were the MB marathon and being able to spend so much time with so many good friends and fun family members.

I hope your 2014 was amazing too!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, your stats from 2014 are impressive! Nice work! And how cool to check off those huge goals - especially the debt one! That must feel fantastic! I paid off debt in 2014 too so now I just have the mortgage on my condo that I rent out (which I hope to sell in the next 1-2 years if I can get closer to a break-even point).

2014 was an awesome year for me, too. I set 4 goals and achieved them all.

Abby said...

Wow. You had a crazy busy amazing year.