Saturday, March 29, 2014


I never expected "I traded my convertible for a Volvo" would be quite so cool. The small features this car has makes me think more about less. My favorite has to be the "magic button". Radio controls on the steering wheel are amazing. The "next" button scrolls through the radio station presets, so I just keep hitting it. I haven't even changed the presets from when I bought the car! No clue what stations are in there, I just hit the magic button and smile.

Heated seats. Oh how I love heated seats. I wish more things had heated seats, and I'm actually considering sewing some drug store heating pads onto the seat cushion and back of my recliner. It's like a warm muscle relaxer on a chilly day. ah. may. zing.  And I get it with the touch of one button.

Even the sunroof opens and closes with one touch of a button.  It's simple. I'm really loving simplicity right now.

Ironman training starts with April.  This is not simple. It doesn't have to be difficult either. Give the workouts a purpose, take it one workout at a time, trust in the training plan, and just go execute. It is time to dial in the nutrition, tighten up the vegan tendencies, measure the bodyfat and lean it down. I have a plan. it's time to go execute. More on that later.

Swim/bike/run/yoga all are simple practices. We make them seem complex by burning out too many miles or stressing too much about the type of practice. Yoga is designed to get you connected to an inner peace. When you can feel how everything comes together it is beautiful. Stretching your hammy's on the yoga mat leaves you setup for a smooth run that night. You can feel the same muscles used to hit the bike hard get worked again during a kick set in the pool that evening. Each exercise has its own magic button. And yes I've already gotten in one nice bike/run brick this year. But if I can appreciate the simplicity of each workout for what it is, I will come through this training cycle with a much more positive attitude and get better results. Bring on the simple.

The kids have been tracked out, and that means heading to a grandparent's house for a while. Turns out it was a week, Friday to Friday! Ah the freedom was blissful. They went down to the lake to visit with Kelley's mom and had a great time! The last quarter of the school year starts on Monday. This year has flown by. This month has flown by! March is gone. more on that later.

The next 9 weekends are booked, including volunteering as a timer for a swim meet with the RAM team this weekend. Insane! I wanted to volunteer more this year, I just hope I don't get distracted tomorrow and screw up somebody's time. Since I don't swim in meets I have no idea what I'm walking into. Here goes nothing!

And finally, some seemingly random pictures.

Evil Genius stole my Pine Mountain 40 hat one cold day.

EG at one of her Indian Princess tribe meetings horsing around with the other kids

The kids got haircuts! Bigun only cut off a few inches, but EG went SHORT. I think it's adorable. She loves it too.


Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I love new cars. I have always had old cars and they don't have all the fun, fancy gadgets. Sometimes I get a rental car and it's so much fun to play with all the buttons!

Abby said...

Quite jealous of the sunroof.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love EG's hair! It suits here. What a big change. The girls are getting SO big!

I hope that this IM training session is a great one for you. Like you said, you just have to take it a workout at a time. I hope it's a healthy season for you!

Tea said...

I love my sunroof. and heated seats. and steering wheel stereo controls.