Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Worded-up Wednesday

Saturday night after the marathon, Kelley's dad took the kids and we got to go out. A friend of mine is moving out to the coast and she was having a going away party so we got an actual adult night to go have fun with other fun people. This is incredibly rare for parents, and we had a blast. Jessica's boyfriend is a former marine, and a friend of his who is still an active marine both came up.

Let me tell you, hanging out with Marines is INTENSE. I mean, there was lots of crossfitters and other people there, but we ended up hanging mostly with Jess and the marines. and that turned out to be wonderful.

We ordered really unhealthy recovery food and multiple beers at the first bar. That made marathon recovery pretty fantastic. Then we ended up going to a Dave & Busters for more beers and gaming. Try playing air hockey and first person zombie shooter games with a Marine sniper and you will be humbled, no matter how drunk you get him. Straight up, those guys were a blast. We had so much fun the entire night.

Sunday was a bit more like the 2nd pic, where Bigun is trying to act like the cat. I sat on my ass and watched comic book movies all day long. Not really hungover, just had the normal post-marathon sore legs where standing didn't seem like fun.

happy recovery!


Tea said...

Good for you! Excellent way to wrap up a tough race.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

That sounds like the perfect marathon recovery. I always do like having a beer as my post race carbs/fuel. You deserve it!