Tuesday, March 18, 2014


This weekend had some cool stuff going on. I knew Saturday was going to be busy.  Friday night the kids had a lock-in at the church. They were quite nervous, but I told them that I used to go to lockins at the church plenty of times as a kid. They ended up going in with open minds and had a blast.

Saturday morning I overslept past swim practice and went to pick them up. Then about 11:30 Bigun and I had a charity event with her Indian Princess tribe. It was helping at a local food bank packing up some food for distribution. It ended up being a really good project.

Saturday ended up being a beautiful day! Over 70* and sunny. So nice that I decided to run to the capital building and back, my staple 10 mile route. It was so nice, in fact, that I decided to do it shirtless. This may have been blindingly offensive to the other people I had to run past, and may have induced vomiting in a few, but I'm ok with that. Took the run easy, about 90 minutes, and felt amazing.

After that we had a church dinner to attend. We've been having an attendance contest with the church choir divided into 2 teams to see who could rack up the most points for attendance, and my team lost at the last minute. So being on the losing team we had to make some food, and Kelley ended up making an amazing quinoa salad and some yeast rolls. We ended up playing a game after the dinner, it was a lot of fun! Kelley's dad kept the girls while we were out.

Sunday Bigun ended up going to see a movie with a friend, so I ended up taking the Evil Genius to a flick as well. Got in some strength training after that, and 45 minutes on the stationary bike. Ended up being a colder, rainy day.

But you want to talk about cold and rainy? Monday it was snowing here. And sleeting. 31* in a rainstorm. So it was, of course, the perfect time to go swimming. I hit the RAM practice and Coach Steve nailed out a kink in my stroke. The workout had 3500 yards of timed intervals that got pretty quick. Ended up being a quick workout that really put me through the paces.

My plan is to hit the RAM practice 4 times a week to try and boost up my swim volume. Got a few weeks to hit the pool hard before Ironman trianing starts.

Finally, here's a few pics I snagged of the new paint and flooring that we got into the downstairs entry room and bedroom:

Bamboo flooring is cool, cheap, and sustainable.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That flooring looks awesome and that is such a fun paint color! That room looks awesome now!

You did have a solid weekend of good workouts. I am glad that you got a nice long run on Saturday since the weather has sucked since then. I am so over this winter weather and my winter coat/hat/etc. Everyone keeps saying, 'but this isn't normal' but I heard that during the rainy spring, the rainy summer, and the colder-than-usual winter. It makes me question why people tell me that the weather in Charlotte is a compelling reason to live here. #nottrue

Tea said...

Good luck with masters. I hope you really enjoy it.

Tea said...
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