Friday, March 14, 2014

Lazy time is Over

It's about time to get back on the horse. After last week only containing one crappy swim, we tackled a cool project on the house. Monday I got adjusted at the chiropractor and it made a world of difference. After that, lazy time was over.

I've been making some great progress on the yoga mat. I even nailed this pose the other morning

It ain't easy to catch that toe
And last night, I actually did a headstand. I only held it a few seconds before falling over, but it was pretty awesome. Inversions are sexy.

One of the problems I've been having on the mat is with my left hip staying closed off. I asked the chiropractor how to get it opened up some, and he gave me some strength training moves to try. Specifically, hack squats, leg lifts, working the lower abs and gluteus minimus, plus that muscle on the inside of my knee. That should also help my IT band loosen up a bit.

It's working, too! My legs are sore from the new moves. I also got in an hour on the bike tuesday night, ran 3 miles wednesday morning, and swam 3100 m thursday night.

Now is the time for regular swim/bike/run to begin. I had my fun after the marathons. I ate cheeseburgers. But the stressful week is over, normal life is back, and it's time to let the regular fun begin. Ironman training starts the first week in April. In the second half of March, I need to swim as much as possible, and getting a couple of double days would be great too. Now is the time to enjoy a nice clean diet and establish a regular workout pattern. If this hip doesn't open up it could lead to some problems when the repetitive motions. Once again, yoga and regular strength training will lead to a successful Ironman training plan.

April and May are going to be PACKED! Check back in to see what all is going on. I've got a plan for my plan.


Tea said...

um. yeah. your lazy time is my GOING CRAZY.

So. you know. I feel pretty good about myself now.

simplycj said...

Oooooooo can you go into more detail about strengthening that hip...?!?!!! I'm always looking for different things to help strengthen my hips, glutes and knees. Squats can get boring... :-/

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wait are you doing another full ironman this year? Or is it a half ironman? It's nice that you had a chance to have a relaxing week where you indulged a bit, but it's always good to get back on track!

B.o.B. said...

nice work with the yoga. i have such a hard time sticking with it during tri season!

good luck with your plan. :)

Amber said...

I'm so impressed that even with all the hard ironman training you do you can still nail yoga poses like that one. I find the harder I train the more my flexibility goes. It's like I go to a yoga class in the evening and get all flexible and bendy and then the next morning I go for a run and ruin all my hard work by tightening the muscles back up! What's your secret??

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