Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bad Words Wednesday

I had to get a physical for health insurance at work, and the bloodwork came back recently. My LDL cholesterol was a little high. I'm not really worried about it, my whole family has high cholesterol, and this is a much lower number than I've seen in the past.

The funny thing is that the paperwork actually came back and said that I should consider exercising a little bit more and cutting back on the fried foods.  ha! I want to be a smartass about it, but I know it's just general advice they throw in for everybody. I mean come on piece of paper. You really think the Ironman needs to work out a little more? and I rarely, if ever, eat anything fried. It's mostly whole food vegan these days. Ok maybe I'll throw in some eggs every now and then. Maybe a yogurt for giggles.   But this is still a funny piece of paper.

And just for an example, here's lunch the other day:

4 bananas and a bag of grapes. Yum!

And this is dinner:

These socca pancake with a veggie scramble topped with a couple of eggs and sriracha hot sauce needs to be a regular dinner staple. I got the recipe from Jason and I have to admit it's pretty amazing. If you've never heard of Garbanzo flour it's worth a google search.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha yah, I think those advisories about exercise and eating more healthy are sort of standard things that go on a report if you are in a certain range. There is no way your doctor could have suggested that since i am sure he/she knows you are a very active person that eats healthily! So annoying, though! That is a bummer about the high cholesterol but I guess you can't fight genetics. Good thing you do everything in your power to be healthy and hopefully that counteracts the things that are out of your control!

Tea said...

I don't know. I think you could probably squeeze in a little more exercise. We're talking about your HEALTH here.