Friday, April 11, 2014

5 pic friday

Bigun wanted a shot

Then of course Evil Genius had to get in on the action

in the pool recently

outside of the office

Inside of the office
How arrogant of me to put up 5 pics of myself just because it's Friday. I finally went back into triathlete mode this week, and gave the face, chest and legs a good shaving. So it's bye bye beard until next winter.

Funny thing though. After the Umstead 100 last weekend, I find myself trolling ultrasignup and looking around for trail ultramarathon races. That's an urge I haven't felt since the Pine Mountain 40 in 2012 left me scared of ultras. yea, scared. i said it. But with 2014 being the year of long and lean, an ultra or two makes sense.

Also I'm really struggling to find the motivation to put all of those hours on the bike again. Usually in the spring I can't wait to get rolling, but this spring has been so cold, then last week we got a couple of 90* days. No time at all when it's pleasant, spring days in the 70's. Everything seems very frustrating right now. I'm in week 2 of Ironman training, it's supposed to be a bike heavy week. motivation = gone.

Loving the pool and long swims, loving running long and on trails, but nothing on the bike. And you can't do ironmans without any bike training. Maybe having my legs shaved again will help fix my mindset.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I hope you find the motivation to get out there on the bike. The weather has been weird lately. I can't believe it's already been 90 where you are - I think the warmest we've gotten is 80 so it's definitely cooler in Charlotte.

After reading your Umstead volunteer recap, I had a feeling you had been bit by a bug and figured that there is a 50k or 100k in your future. I am trying my first trail race in September when I meet up for my annual destination race. I have only done one trail run in my life and I can't say I really love it but I am hoping I really like the trail race environment because I know that running on trails is way easier on my body!

Bye bye beard!

Alisa said...

Hehe, funny how being in a race atmosphere can do that to a person.

Nice pool photo. I hardly ever get photos in the pool b/c I always swim alone =).