Saturday, July 25, 2009

Week in Review

Wow, talk about hectic. I haven't had a moment to spare at ALL. it has really been crazy. and HOT down here. the highlights:

  • Monday we had a version release of some of my software at work. Got it all working at 11:15 pm and called it a day.
  • Tuesday got in LOTS of strength training due to high work stress, some yoga early, and 4 miles of interval running late. Yoga at 6:30 am, got back from the run at 11 pm
  • Wednesday I was apparently working on the wrong project all day. All I did was bang my head against the desk anyway, making no actual progress. At least I got 25 miles on the bike, ending at 11 pm. got in my tri power workout too.
  • Thursday missed yoga, got in my tri power workout, then worked until 11:30 pm. No tempo run or brick workout as planned.
  • Friday I got out of my comfort zone a little bit. then banged my head against the desk on another project as it repeatedly failed testing. oh boy. Actually left and had dinner with the family and did not go back to work afterwards.
  • Well, that's kind of a lie. My friend Clarke came over and I had no time to help him with some ASP stuff. But he was still downstairs working when I went to bed at 11. poor bastard.
  • Today is my neice's birthday. Yes, the same neice who just deleted my facebook account turns 13 today. I think she's going to get her ears pierced. Kelley and Bigun went to have lunch with her today, she lives about 2 hours away from us.
  • Happy birthday Kaileigh!
  • I have to control the damage from Evil Genius today by myself. It's been ok so far, she's been more genius than evil so far.
  • Funny EG story: last weekend we went out to lunch somewhere. Sitting in the booth eating, she puts her head on my shoulder, I love you daddy, being all sweet. I mean just dripping sugar. Then she stands up and punches me in the throat. hard. well, as hard as a 2 year old can punch someone. Genius = suck up to daddy. Evil = throat punch.
  • Tonight we are having lunch with my aunt. My cousin Anna is in town from Washington DC, and she's brought home a new boyfriend. First time she's brought a boy home in years. Since he's from Maryland he wants good southern cooking while he's down here. Is Maryland not southern? Close enough, I thought.
  • I have to make a peach cobbler for the dinner tonight, and Kelley is going to make a squash casserole after she gets back from the birthday thing. Did I mention I cannot cook anything anymore? This should be fun.
  • Guess all that means I'm not going to get in the long run today that I really really need. I don't mind a rest day. 2 rest days in a row is acceptable, but not prefered. But no running thursday friday or saturday and this redneck gets restless. This is not acceptable (half) ironman training!
  • Tomorrow's long bike ride will have to be followed by a long run. I'm thinking 20 miles on the bike, 10 miles running. I wish it was cool enough to go outside for the whole thing, but I bet I will be in the gym.
  • It was actually cooler earlier this week. now it is a blazing oven outside. I hate summertime.
  • The Seizures Head Slog Fest 60 mile bike ride I was supposed to do this morning was postponed. The county has been trimming the trees on one of the main roads on the route, and there is all kinds of nasty debris out there. It's just not safe. The county says they will clean the road after they are done cutting the trees, it's been postponed until then.
  • Next week doesn't look any better. there's a quick day trip to atlanta in there for one meeting, and more deadlines than I think will actually be met.
  • RBR wrote me a love letter earlier this week. I love it, and haven't had the chance to link back to it.
  • I am officially tired of being a one car family. Only 4 times in the 15 months have we had an absolute conflict where we HAD to have a second car. But wow it would have been nice if I could have put EG in the nursery at my gym while I got a run in this morning. She would have loved playing with the new toys too. But then this morning the car insurance bill came in the mail and I was grateful I only had to pay that twice a year, not four times for two cars.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


healthy ashley said...

Woah you are busy! I like how you outlined each day like that. I had no idea you were working out THAT much!!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

busy busy! great job getting the workouts done in the midst of all the head banging and chaos.. and throat punches. I think your name for her is perfect LOL Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and have a great brick tomorrow! :D

Jes said...

Yikes! I need a nap just from reading everything you're doing!

Nice job getting the workouts in. Most people would probably just skip them. And by 'most people,' I mean me.

sarah said...

You had a busy week!! WOW!! I'm exhausted just by reading your blog.

And to answer your question, I am on Facebook and that is how I heard about Tara running the NYC marathon.

Missy said...

Cram it all in! Wow, sounds pretty crazy to me. I think I need to take a deep breath after reading all that.

Amanda said...

You are one busy redneck! I laughed out loud at work at EG buttering you up then punching you in the throat. just gave me a huge craving for peach cobbler, you should share your recipe with us.

Jess said...

Sounds busy! And didn't your kid punch you in the throat before? I swear you had the exact same story a few weeks ago. Apparently, your spawn have an affinity for punching you in the throat!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Isn't this the second time EG throat-punched you? You should invest in a hockey face mask with throat protector.

Until you learn not to fall for her tricks, at least.

Good luck getting your workouts in this week, brother.

Wes said...

maybe working from home all the time ISN'T such a great idea :-) LOL... Hope things tone down for you soon! Then you'll have extra energy to thwart Evil Genius.

joyRuN said...

Dang, EG got you AGAIN! SUCKER!!!

You should know something's up once she's all cuddly & lovey like that :)

Good luck with all the busyness.

Anonymous said...

Holy moly! Sorry your week has been so busy and hectic :( Hopefully you can find time to relax soon! And what a trooper, planning to bike and then run in the same day?! Good luck with that!!

Anonymous said...

No, we didn't get a big storm! Just some lightening and some light rain. Did you know that the Charlotte criterium is coming up next weekend? Jason loves it, (I do too!!) Ever been to it?

Kaolee Hoyle said...

Peach cobbler. Yum!

RBR said...

I couldn't get past the peach cobbler and squash casserole. Yummy!

I am just a redneck at heart. If I lived in the south I would be 300 pounds!

Great week, well, barring hthe throat punch and the work hell. Other than that great week!