Friday, July 10, 2009


I am so glad it's friday. It's been a long week all the way around. So much work & work pressures, swim lessons 4 the kids 4 nights this week (and for the next 3 weeks), and ramping into the half ironman training. Come on weekend! Daddy needs a haircut.

I got in some great speedwork last night, first set of intervals since the marathon. I did 0.3 mile fast with short rest intervals in between, all on the treadmill. I increased the speed with each fast run, from 7.1 to 7.8. Total run was 4 miles. 7.8 is about a 7:30 min/mile pace, and I don't see how you fast guys can keep that up for any length. Actually, I can't see it now. So let's say I'm looking forward to increasing my speed and endurance to be able to keep that pace for more than .3 miles. Still, speedwork = fantastic!

Then I crashed and slept for over 9 hours last night. Looks like I needed the recovery time. Today's a rest day. I was originally planning to do the Triangle Sprint tri in Raleigh, NC on sunday, and backed out of it thanks to where it fell in the training plan. So tomorrow is only supposed to be a 5 mile (long?) run, then sunday on the plan I have a 750m swim, 13.5 mile bike, 3.1 mile run. I think I will go visit the 'rents sunday and do that same plan anyway. Or maybe I'll get lazy or get sucked into something with the girls.

I did get to watch the first Big Brother 11 last night. Ah, that is what makes summertime bearable for me. The glory of BB. I'm already sick of this whole "high school clique" thing they are trying to do. It's a cool twist to align people into teams, but there's aready enough uncomfortable social positions in the middle of this recession; I think they could have called it something better than that. I like the outcasts and the brains, but I was totally hoping that Jessica was going to come back. I thought they would at least tell us something about her and Eric. Jessie is an idiot meathead, but he does make for some good BB entertainment. It's going to be a great season. I think either Kasey or Jeff will win.

And I haven't posted much about the garden lately, but it's still going strong. Here's a few pics to finish things off:

Ignore those weeds. Right to left, there's the pepper patch (54 plants), then 16 tomato plants already over 5 feet tall and loaded with green fruit. The corn next to it is about waist high, it's going to be a late corn crop if we get anything at all. Then we've got green beans growing up and in front of the fence, and the squash/zucchini is growing in front of that (the yellow flowers you can see on the far left). In the very back, you can see some raspberries growing behind the cherry tree. I've also got some cucumber plants growing in a cage between the tomatos and corn, and they are about to put out a huge crop. Hundreds of cucs from 3 plants. If you like pickles, the best ones are the pickles you make yourself. Grow your own cucs! I've got an egglplant growing in that cage as well. The harvest so far has been tons of squash & zuc, some raspberries, blueberries, and we're still getting some strawberries too. We've gotten a few pepper, but they don't come in hard until later this month. check it:

Peppers & Raspberries & Strawberries: the strawberries are in front, they lept over the wall. I thought I would show a closer pic of these. The raspberries are the large leaf canes on the right, the pepper patch is on the left. I've harvested a few bannana peppers already, but the main crop is still to come. There are maybe a dozen hot peppers already growing on there. Yum!! I love me some hot peppers.

Here's a closer shot of the Squash/Zuc patch. Squash plants get very big around, but don't grow very tall. Just wide. And they can't take the august heat, so they put out most of their crop in June/July. In between those, I put crawling vine plants so that when the squash die out, the vines can take over that space. I've got watermelon, butternut squash, pumpkin, and a few that I don't know what they are. but they're growing great!
Get out to a farmer's market this weekend! They are flush with fresh veg, and the farmers need to sell their crops. If you ever wanted to go vegetarian for a day (or a weekend or longer) now is the best time of the year to do it. Have a great weekend!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

O, SBJ! I'm first again?

What? Are you GAY for me, Cletus?

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Nice job with the pix, there, Cletus. They didn't show up in either IE or FF.

You are the consummate IT professional.

Manderz said...

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful advice on fueling for a long run. I truly appreciate it and will use your advice tomorrow when I run a 9 mile do-over LOL!

Manderz said...

PS - I too am a BB fan! I was so annoyed when Jessie was put in the house - I cant stand that guy.

Carolina John said...

Of course the one time I put pics up behind my site the hosting server for that site goes down. well crap, that's just how my luck goes i guess.

Thanks Manderz! i've been digging on your blog too.

@glaven - you know i always have a special hole reserved just for you. It's about 6 feet deep in the vacant lot next door. i mean, the first comment slot.

Sun Runner said...

@CJ-- I have a large deep freezer you can use if you would like to hide a body. We can just slide it under my half hog.

Wes said...

You are the consummate IT professional.


Have a nice weekend, bro! If you are sleeping 9 hours you are on easy street :-)

teacherwoman said...

Sounds like you had quite the run! I too wonder how some people can run that fast for miles... just amazes me! :)

sarah said...

TGIF is right. It has been a busy week for sure. Ugh. So glad the weekend is almost upon us.

Amanda said...

My squash did not do well, they died early...basically just fell over and the bottom where it grows out of the ground turned to mush...any ideas?

BrianFlash said...

Love that fresh produce. I just wish I had the space to grow it like you do.

Raw, thru the juicer, whatever - its all good!

Greensboro Daily Photo said...


Congrats on the lifestyle turn around. Mr. GDP and I don't smoke but we did let ourselves get a little out of shape. This summer has brought renewed fitness through gardening and eating right (they go hand in hand) and actually USING our Y memberships. We're not ready for a marathon but we're moving in the right direction!

Thanks for stopping by our Sky Watch Friday.

Good luck on all fronts, especially fatherhood!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Yay for Fridays!!

I can't remember who all their names are, but I think the little Tae Kwan Do girl will make it far (is that Kasey?) I am rooting for Michelle though, even though she DID drop out first. I am disappointed in her. Ah well, I shouldn't talk, I probably wouldn't be able to handle a monster wedgie very long either!

Missy said...

Garden looks great but too much effort for this cowgirl!

Met with my coach just the other day on B2B. I'm working the hills to get stronger on the flats...strength building, he tells me. My legs are tired just thinking about it.

RBR said...

Your garden is stunning. I can barely keep a houseplant alive. Wait.. let me check on that thing... ok, update, I CAN'T keep a houseplant alive.

TGIF? It is always Saturday for a teacher in summer ;o)

Jess said...

Garden looks good!

joyRuN said...

Glad swim lessons are working out for you :)

Your garden's looking pretty lush - mine, not so much. Maybe cuz I keep forgetting to water the damn thing?

healthy ashley said...

Your garden looks awesome! Now that David and I are in an actual house with a backyard I'm thinking of starting a little garden :)