Friday, July 31, 2009

Sore - brain dump

Damn DOMS. My legs are complaining today. Bigun finished her swimming lessons yesterday. She loved it, and even jumped in from the side of the pool 2 out of 3 times; it really scares her. I got a good 2000 meter swim in during the lesson. Love that! Today my legs are screaming. I guess it's doms from the speedwork wednesday night. Maybe I just used my legs more than normal during the swim.

Today is a rest day. The weekend is supposed to contain a 30 mile bike ride and 5 mile run. Those numbers seem awfully small considering:

Kelley's mom is taking the kids back home with her today! This keeps getting better. Now she's going to keep them at her house until one of them breaks. Either Kelley will miss them too much and call for them to come back, which normally happens after about 3 days, or her mom will get ready to head for the mountains and drop them off on the way. Either way it's more freedom than I was expecting. I've got yardwork to do, long runs/rides, I still have to cut up the tree that fell down in the backyard last month.

Early next week we're getting a new roof put on the house. It would be nice for those guys to be on the roof making all that noise while there are not napping children in the house. So let's hope they can get out here before the kids come back. We are finally getting the exterior of the house repaired, the roof had hail and wind damage so it has to be the first thing to get fixed. Then it's a few gutters, getting some rotten siding replaced, exterior paint, then landscaping. Come on curb appeal!

Can you believe the nerd won the batchelorette? I was glad she picked Ed, these people always pick the guys with the abs like Kypton. Ed is just an IT consultant like me, and seems like a normal nice guy. It's so good to see the nice guys win for once.

And on Big Brother, I hate that these idiots keep nominating the eye candy. Of course, the eye candy has the IQ of a bag of bricks. It has to be the girl from Charlotte that admits on camera that she can't tell time. At least she's hawt. Lemme tell ya though, hawt chicks like that are only attractive until they start talking. Once you realize there's nothing going on upstairs the appeal goes away quickly.

Speaking of not smart, Ronnie is not as smart as the rest of the brains. He's a dumbass. I thought it was hilarious how they have him listed as a "video game expert" and then everyone acted suprised that he spent a few days straight alone in the HOH room. If he's really a video game expert, he is also well versed in social depravation. At least he is aligned with the people that keep on winning. I was glad to see Casey go home last night, he was getting really annoying. Campaigning for votes in a banana constume made me laugh so hard. And I love the irony that he threw the veto competition to get a margharita party for the house and now he won't be able to partake. BB is the BEST!!!

I'm reading Jillian Michaels Master Your Metabolism right now. I like it, full book review to come. Her theories are really sound. and it makes me want to go see an endocrinologist. But I have it checked out from the library and it's due back today so I better read fast.

I also got a call today and found out that an uncle of mine that I'm really close too has prostate cancer. That really sucks. He had an operation this week and we hope they got it all. We'll know more later I guess. I've mentioned on here before about my family history with cancer, I think this is the first time we've seen prostate as the originator. Scary stuff.

FREEDOM! Have a great weekend. Good luck if you're racing. I know Sarah is going to PR a 5k tonight! Have fun girl!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Teh 'Dad, who's 87 now, had prostate cancer like over a decade ago. He should be the poster boy for recovery because he had it treated non-invasively and it's like TOTALLY gone. Just ... poof. Good as new. Still.

I sometimes think the secret is not to care about it or think about it because that was pretty much the way Teh 'Dad went about going to his treatments. And it worked for him ... but that's just his personality. I don't think you could force yourself to have that outlook.

Good luck to your uncle!

GeorgiaSnail said...

Enjoy your quiet time this upcoming weekend...The Bachlorette? Seriously? I thought IronMen didn't watch that kinda stuff...

joyRuN said...

2000m?? How long was bigun's swim lesson?

Good luck to your uncle. Hopefully they caught it early for treatment.

Sun Runner said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I don't think a 5K PR is in my immediate future. If I do better than last Sunday and get to eat some pig and drink a beer or two, I'll be happy. :)

the gazelle said...

I still have to cut up the tree that fell down in the backyard next month.

I'm pretty excited that you've mastered yardwork in the future. I would to do that! I have a bunch of stuff that needs to be done in a few weeks, and more time today! :) HA! I jest....and make fun. Sorry.

Sounds like a good weekend coming up! Have fun w/ the workouts and child-free time.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Loved Casey's speech though last night.

Sorry to hear about your uncle, cancer definitely sucks.

Enjoy your 'free time' until someone breaks LOL

carrie said...

Your workout reports are making me feel more and more like the fat dago Gladys made big bro call me. Enjoy the freedom of the weekend!

Wes said...

Sounds like your house is about to undergo the same stuff we are going through. Gotz me a check sitting on the table.

Enjoy your freedom, this weekend! Happy miles :-)

Jess said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle's diagnosis! Hopefully with treatment, he'll beat it!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

BB rocks. I HATE Ronnie. He is a freaking retard. I also hate Russell and Jessie - I would like them to leave!! BUT to be honest, I don't REALLY like anyone. There's no one I'm really rooting for right now!

Enjoy your FREEDOM!!! Hahaha. I bet Kelley breaks first ;-)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

This book sounds really interesting - I'll def have to check out your review!

I liked Ed 0 except Larry Bird called & he wants his gym shorts back.

Hope everything works out ok for your uncle... scary stuff...

Missy said...

My mom always said to marry a nerd, you can change the way they dress.

Enjoy your time and swing from the chandeliers...OK, sleep late, go to bed early and watch tv in bed;)

sarah said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Uncle but I hear that if they catch prostate cancer early enough, it's treatable. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Enjoy your child free time. I am spoiled as we don't have kids (yet). I am sure there will come a time when I miss that. But I want some kids of mine soon.

I adore Jillian and want to get that book once we get some extra cash.

And you are not the only man to watch the Bachlorette. My boss loves that show. I haven't watched it in years.

Anonymous said...

Gah. I'm about to do Level 2 of the Shred..Jillian Micheals is a beast..but one that gets results! Hope your legs feel better!

Alisa said...

nice swim! 30 day Shred is awesome, I've done all three levels and feel that level 2 is by far the hardest.

I will enjoy reading your full book review on her book.