Friday, July 17, 2009

Stupid FB & G-CH

My neice, God bless her, was setting up her own facebook account and she used my home email address which "accidentally" deleted my fb account. So now I've got to set it up again and resend friend requests to all 130 something folks. Dang teenagers. She swears it didn't prompt her that she was about to "permanently delete the other account", and we all know teenage girls are very thorough and detailed when involved in their social networking. So my apologies for bothering you twice if you fb.

I got in a good 25 mile bike ride wednesday night. Took about an hour and 18 minutes. Nothing on thursday, I ended up with other stuff to do that will keep me non-running through most of the weekend. oh well.

Dr. Nic is full of genius. The kind that Marcy would just love, may she rest in blogger peace. Nic thinks it's time for a throwdown, and I agree. So here, today, I'm calling Glaven out on the carpet. It's time for a half marathon challenge. I know he could take me in a shorter race, but I think I've got his number at a longer distance. I'm risking a meat punch from Teh Bride (his wife) by doing this, but I think it's worth the risk. I also think G's too chicken shit to step up to the plate and actually tackle a half. Whadda think Glaven? Got the stones to kick it up a notch?

Of course we'll have to have a level playing field. Find a couple of races on the same weekend in late september/october so we'll have the same weather conditions. Make it an actual race so the results will be published online. Fastest time wins. We also need a wager, and this is where you come in, dear reader. Glaven and I are both too cheap to play for money. Leave me suggestions for potential wagers. I'm thinking that the loser should have to write a love poem about the winner. Glaven's almost as well known for his poetry as he is for his beastiality and celebrity necrophelia habits. So I could take a love poem. Got any other ideas?

The gauntlet has been thrown down!!!1! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Sun Runner said...

He wins, you have to send him vegetables from your garden. You win, he has to send you homebrew.

You know where to find me on FB. I'm the only one of me there is. :)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Yeah, right. "Your niece" deleted your InYerFacebook page. Sure. And teh dog ate your homework.

Teh challenge ain't gonna happen, CJ. It dies aborning. I do not accept. I don't run to best anybody other than myself and even when I don't manage to do that, I can't get too worked up over it; because that's not even one of the Top Ten reasons I run.

I'll gladly concede that you're faster than I am, at any distance you choose; that you have better endurance; that you're a man and I'm a p*ssy.

Whatever you need.

But I won't race you.

Ashley said...

She didn't have her own email account?? That's strange....I mean, how hard is it to set up an email acct if you're setting up a FB acct?? you're going to get all her FB updates emailed to you - fun for you. That's really stupid that FB won't let you have 2 accts under 1 email strange.

Have a great weekend!! :)

Jess said...

Winner gets a guest post on the loser's blog!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I had no idea facebook would do that! Noted, never let anyone use my email!

Stacey said...

Lmao. Hmmmm..I'm coming up empty on ideas...but the love poem is a good one..or maybe a love song? And he has to sing it to you in public lol..But that may be embarrasing for you too, haha

Alisa said...

LOL! Yes, Marcy would have loved this idea!

nwgdc said...

Boo Glaven.

He almost sounds serious with that comment. Secretly, I hear he's been going up and down (insert joke here) Teh Schmatterhorn twice daily in preparation.

carrie said...

(insert joke here) made me giggle.

Viper said...

He chooses not to run!

I think Sarah nailed it with the first comment. Veggies for beer.

Carly said...

Oh...I was hoping there was gonna be a smackdown between CJ and Glaven.

Bummer about facebook, now I know who I lost as a friend.

Carolina John said...

I was hoping for a smackdown too, Carly. Glaven is normally faster than me but doesn't go longer than about 12 miles.

Geez, Glaven. I'm not a gambler either, I don't even have a half mary planned for the fall (except for the last leg of the half ironman). Just trying to make it a little fun. Party pooper. I think really your scared to ask Teh Bride for permission to run one.

I like the veggies for homebrew tradeoff anyway, that's a good idea sarah had. and i might try to add a fall half anyway. The first one I ran back in January set the bar low, I bet I could beat that time in the fall.

Carolina John said...

@ashley & @amber -- we set her up a hotmail account last night and moved her fb stuff to that one. She doesn't turn 13 until the 25th of this month, so she's a young teenager. Kelley uses a hotmail acct to so she was able to show Kaileigh how to check it, setup fb, etc.

still, even blogger has a recovery option "i accidentally deleted my blog" link. facebook should know this is a common problem. As as software developer, i have a tough time believing that's never come up in a feature meeting before.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

aww, too bad, would have been some more fun and excitement in the blogger world!

teacherwoman said...

LOL about FB. Teenagers.

Look me up again... Stacy... Smith. So original. HA!

Missy said...

Hahaha, mmmm, G won't even take on the challenge and has conceded already!?! Wow, surprises me, actually. Do you think he is so cheap that he doesn't want to pay to register OR that he's skerd of getting injured again?!

Ryan said...

On FB I am totally a "what can you do for me" kind of guy...So?????

Meganerd said...


Yes, I have only had my bike for a month! I had a crappy mtn bike before that which I rode around every now and then, but never the intensity I am now!

I am totally wanting to do a tri on my own! The swim portion seems scaaaaarrry though! I can only swim about 10 mins until I feel like I'm going to drown! :(

I did notice the good looking guys at the tri! It's hard not to notice when they're walking around so nice and shirtless. :) Just don't tell my boyfriend! LOL.

Good luck w/ the facebook acct. that really sucks. :(

Michelle said...

How about a virtual race. Not a real live half marathon. Just a race on the same day between you two or better yet, between us all. That way Glaven isn't all intimidated about it because I think he is scared. :O)

VIRTUAL 13.1 miles on September 13th Sunday Grandparents day.


Rural Girl said...

My teammates and I set up a challenge using monthly letters as a reward. You all agree on the timeframe and what items must be addressed in the letter ahead of time. It's great because it's a monthly reminder of your greatness or how bad you suck! (But in your case, I'm sure greatness!)