Friday, June 17, 2016

The End of Project225

Well my foray into weight lifting has been fun, but it's time to get back to actual endurance training now. After recovering from the Umstead 100, the next goal became bench pressing 225 lbs. I'm calling it failed, with my current max bench at 200 lbs. I did add 15 lbs to my max bench in only 6 weeks, so that's really good. But I feel like my progress has stalled, it's not doing good things to this 40 year old body, and it's making it harder to run again.

I went out for a long run a few saturdays ago, and ended up cutting it short. 10 miles turned into 6, and my shoulders were in so much pain even that 6 wasn't fun. The shoulder is made up of 3 muscles, and the front one is used in the arm swing motion while running. That was the first thing to fatigue, and when that muscle went it seriously hurt. I decided then that it was time to just stop running until this project225 was over.

I know that over age 40 (well, really age 30) testosterone production begins to decline. That makes it harder to add muscle. Yet somehow I found it easy to put on weight. Regular strength training left me very hungry all the time, something I'm kind of used to in heavy swim, run, or triathlon training times. But this time instead of fueling my workouts, I just kept on adding bodyfat. Came in at 187.8 lbs this week, which is dangerously close to my breaking point. Usually by this point I'm down around 175 and ready for some hot summertime endurance training.

There were some good points about Project 225. I am really enjoying the extra strength. My leg press got up to 400 lbs. My dumbbell flat press got up to 60 lbs in each arm. I still hit some milestones that I've never been able to reach before. I love the extra muscle mass that is currently showing in my chest and shoulders. I was able to add a lot of weight to my bicep curl and the guns are ready for the beach. I am a very heavy sweater, and lifting doesn't make me sweat as much as running does, so that was really nice.

But overall, the belly fat and the way my pants are fitting just doesn't make this worth it. There is some extra stress that is also contributing to the increased waistline. My work contract has just wrapped up at the end of May, and I landed a contract-to-perm job that is kind of a dream. The new office is very close to the house, and I had a 4 day weekend of funemployment between the end of that contract and the start of the new job. Well then there was a timing problem with a background check so my 4 day weekend got extended. Every day after that was a 2 hour call-and-check to see if I can start the next day. I ended up missing 6 more days of work just waiting on the stupid background check and THAT was very stressful.

This time of year the heat has also made my summer depression kick in, so normally I throw myself into my work since I'm really good at what I do. That makes being unemployed really depressing. Not knowing if the dream job will disappear while we're waiting on the background check or not. ugh. so frustrating.

I also found some free marathon training plans available at PR Racer and loaded one into my spreadsheet. So it's time for marathon training to start again. My first triathlon of the year is on Saturday and I feel like I'm ready for a little sprint. Onward and upward folks! One door is closing, but you won't believe the door that's starting to open. If I can actually pull off my plans (to be revealed later) this is going to be really fun.

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ugh, that sucks that you ended up having a longer 'funemployment' phase than you thought you would thanks to the background check. My background check took so long when I changed jobs last year and my new employer told me to hold off on resigning until it came through just in case (although I knew nothing would show up on it). It was agonizing to go to work and pretend that nothing had changed when I knew I was going to be resigning as soon as it came through!

400 lbs on the leg press - that's impressive! I got to start using the leg press a couple of weeks ago. I'm doing about 115 lbs which is actually more than I thought I would be able to do after surgery. Now I'm working on single leg presses so I can be ready for some single leg squats when we get to add them in. But my surgical leg is sooooo weak.

Happy marathon training season!