Friday, March 27, 2015

The Favorite Day

What is your favorite day of the year? Top 5? They could be very obvious, that's acceptable. Your birthday. Christmas day. Thanksgiving day with all of that turkey and football, yes. absolutely.  Here's my top 5 favorite days of the year.

1. The first day of College Football - it's usually right around labor day. A lot of the games are blowouts. I don't care. Real football is back and I love it.

2. Umstead 100 Day - it's coming up this weekend! The Umstead 100 mile footrace through Umstead State Park. Once again I am in the pacer pool, and seriously looking forward to it. The competitors run 8 laps at 12.5 miles each to make 100 miles. This year I'm on the hook to pace 4 laps with 3 different friends. First up is a co-workers husband for 2 laps, then a professor from my alma mater and my old blogger friend Tammie. I can't wait! and yes, that means I'm supposed to run 50 miles.

3. Any day I cross a marathon finish line. To be more specific, I would have to say the Myrtle Beach Marathon day every year. Even if I'm not running the marathon that year, there are always plenty of friends down there turning in solid results.

4. Baseball's opening day - by the time it rolls around winter is over and I'm ready for some spring and bike rides.

5. The day I accomplish my big goal for any given year - if it's 300 days of yoga or running 1200 miles that always rocks.

I'm looking forward to the Umstead 100 this weekend! One of my favorite days of the year. Goal is 50 miles, let's see how that goes.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

This is a fun post idea. I'm not sure what I'd pick for best days outside of holidays and birthdays. But I would agree that days when you cross a marathon line are top 5 days, as are days when I do a long run that goes super well!

Abby said...

So cool mine would be:
(in no order)
- first Colts game of the year
- first cool fall day
- the day after summer school ends and I have a full month off
- the day of a fabulous race