Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Another Snowy Wednesday

Front Yard

Back yard

This was taken at MIDNIGHT! So much light reflective from the snow.

Front steps at midnight! no flash.

The big dump of snow

Not as deep as they were predicting

Still enough to weigh down the trees

Got my biggest girl leaning out of the front window!

Dry creek bed turned into a trickling mountain stream

Tree down!

All across the road
So about 4:30 AM this huge pine tree fell down across the road, and this is the one time when living on a very huge busy road actually pays off. It knocked out power to our house of course, downed power lines are no joke. Kelley called 911 and the power company, and watched as some pickup truck driving down the street did drive straight into the tree (nobody was hurt). By 6 am the city of Raleigh was out there with chainsaws and had the tree cut up like it is here, then by 9:30 am our power was back on and around noon more city cops came back and cleared those logs out of the right hand lane of traffic.  I still need to get out there and cut up some more of the trunk, but man they were right on the spot. That was so nice. And it's one more reason I love living in Raleigh!


Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Man, I guess it's still winter over there! We have had such a mild winter that I sometimes forget... That's crazy that those photos were taken at midnight! It's so bright out!

Kenley said...

Yeah more snow. more snow. I am ready for spring. I have been since Summer ended. lol. I really do not like the winter. Time to move down to NC were snow is a phenomenon. Unless youre in the mountains. THanks for stopping by. I am working on more consistency with posts. and reading them. Yeah 2 kids and a wife. Im glad I have a supportive wife.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I can't believe how much snow you guys got. It definitely looks like a winter wonderland! I saw on the news that it's like 72 there today, though, so I am glad warmer temps have arrived!