Friday, October 31, 2014

Funny Friday Ramblings

Pretty much, since Rev3 Cedar Point, I've been all like

seriously. The motivation was kind of there. I was sort of one day looking forward to maybe getting in to a regular workout routine again one day. But it's also important to really enjoy the offseason. If you enjoy the offseason too much, it gets harder to get back to training weight or get an endurance base back.

In the meantime, regular strength training and yoga really help keep the stress level down. I've been running when I can but not focused on 50+ mile weeks anymore. Yoga is everywhere

At EG's fall outing in the middle of the woods. I am a tree among the trees
I even needed a little help getting my forehead to the floor
I swear that's actually a really difficult pose. It looks like my back is a bit too rounded though. Other Evil Genius involved activities included another tribe meeting at Moe's this time, where the kids learned how to roll burrito's!  The kids loved it, and some of them really kept their rolling nice and tight.  Great future for these kids in fast food, and all of the jokes that come with it.

Learning to Roll

love: she only put cheese on her burrito
The beard is back, and my hair is starting to grow out. Every year when this happens I'm amazed at how much gray I have, and how much more has come in since last year. The beard has a ton of gray in it this year too! That's quite a surprise.

I am starting to get back into the swing of things again though. Swimming especially is rocking right now. The city pool that's close to my house has been closed all summer for air conditioning repairs, and it opened back up again this week! woo hoo!! Next week our team is supposed to start offering noon practices as well, and that is going to be freaking amazing. If I can actually swim 5 days a week by going Monday Wednesday and Friday at noon, and Tuesday Thursday at night, that's going to seriously rock.  Of course the way this offseason has been going

This is more like a before and after to the team. Before the Ironman I felt like the guy on the left, now I look more like the guy on the right, all fat and hairy. At least I got to swim twice this week, and that's only the 3rd and 4th times since the Ironman on sept 7. I keep hitting the wall around 2000 yards, but at least last night I was able to complete the entire workout. And I know that swim endurance base is going to come back quickly, my form feels good and the speed is almost there.

The most important part is that I am truly happy in this moment. Kelley and the girls are all really happy, I'm starting to think about some goals for next year, and revisit the ones I set for this year to see what I have left. I love not knowing what's coming next, because I know it's going to be spectacular. Have a great weekend!


Tea said...

That's really good news about the pool.

Enjoy your off season!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I think the most important line in this post is that you are really happy right now. That's a very good thing! I feel sort of meh about my workouts right now. It's gotten cold here fast so I don't have the motivation to get out there and run (it was 24 this morning) so I am starting to shift from running to other activities which is inevitable in this part of the country... but I miss my running routine. I am doing this 6-week probably with Amber that is similar to a 4-week one that we did this summer so I am looking forward to that as the girl who runs it sends you workouts every week so it's very motivating and easy to keep on track with working out. I'm trying to strike a balance between staying active/healthy but not obsessing/stressing over how much I am working out...

Abby said...

Wonderful that you and your girls are all happy that is most important!

Amber said...

Ditto to what Lisa said, all that really matters is that you are super happy right now! You put in A LOT of miles and hours of training and resting now is kind of like your reward -- enjoy it!