Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Special

This year we had an amazing Halloween! My mom made their costumes which came out amazing. The kids wanted to go out as Anna and Elsa from Frozen, which was a pretty common costume this year.  But of course, I'm biased that our kids costumes were the best, and they really collected a ton of candy for it.

I showed up to work like this Friday morning! Got a few laughs.

Kelley getting the kids all primped - out of my league

Elsa's white hair was actually a wig and beard from a Moses costume!

Ella wanted to get a selfie before we started trick or treating

The family portrait - might even make a decent Christmas card!

Ella with her haul - 2 buckets worth!

Loot from both kids - insane!
We ended up meeting up with my buddy Tom and his kid who is in Evil Genius's Indian Princess tribe and walking the neighborhood with them. They live just down the street from Kelley's dad. Overall everyone had a blast and we pulled off another solid holiday! Hope yours was just as much fun.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

The girls' costumes are so cute!! Love that you were able to repurpose a Moses wig/beard into her Elsa hair. And I love that you and Kelley wore horse masks. I bet you got a lot of good reactions!

It was cold here on Halloween so it was tough to really see what the kids were wearing as they mostly had heavy coats over them. :(

CautiouslyAudacious said...

Cute! Look at that stash!

Kenley said...

Dang that is one load of candy. Love your costume man. Frozen. Glad i have 2 boys. Then again who knows. Even this guy knows "let it go" . Lol.

Amber said...

Our nieces were Anna and Elsa as well! And I think I gave out candy to about 10 Elsa's on Friday night! The girls looked great! So cute!

The highlights of my halloween as a kid was picking out my costume months in advance and then my grandma would make it for me :) I had the most awesome handmade costumes all while growing up!