Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Stuff Wednesday

I made an incredible new salsa the other day, I'm calling it the One-of-everything salsa. The garden tomatoes have dried up, so I had to use the last of them plus a couple of store bought tomatoes and an onion. Everything else came straight from the garden.

All the hot peppers

Everything else

Finished product
I started with 1 of each of the following hot peppers - ghost, Carib red, habanero, jalepeno - all fresh from the garden (top pic). Then I threw in half an onion, a few small tomatoes, a banana pepper from a friend's garden, and some lime juice (middle picture). Then I took the stick blender to it, and everything liquified nicely.  Pretty amazing, actually. Most of my salsas get hot, but not really "make you cry" hot. This time I had tears.  it was so good. Wouldn't be a bad idea to throw some herbs in there too.

Actually smiling for a picture!

New Skirt
Kelley really got her handy on this weekend and churned out 3 skirts, including this maxi skirt for the Evil Genius. Sewing with knit is not easy, and sewing horizontal stripes isn't easy either but this really turned out to be adorable.  Now Kelley wants to make an adult-sized one!

New Hoka's!
A new pair of Hoka One-One's came in today! I found these Stinson Tarmac's on sale at LeftLane for under a hundred bucks, and they actually ended up cheaper than the other pair of Mizuno's I was thinking about buying.  These might actually be more comfortable than the Mafate's I just used for the 50k.  These are road shoes, and the Mafate's are trail shoes. Since you can put about 700 miles on these things, and I've got 2 pairs now I should be good for about another 1300 miles, or another year. Kind of comforting knowing I won't have to buy new running shoes until next fall.


Abby said...

I make my dad "wuss up" his garden salsa for me. I think I would have to ask you to do the same.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Your salsa looks awesome! So you don't cook it, but you do blend it? I usually do cook it and blend it OR chop it and leave it raw. I will have to try the CJ method!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I want an adult sized version of that skirt, too! It is so cute! And it so hard to find horizontal skirts where the stripes match up so hats off to her for figuring that out!

And yum, that salsa sounds amazing!