Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wordly Thursday

I feel like I'm still in another time zone

It's not easy to keep eating clean during taper. I don't have to keep the 4000 calorie a day intake anymore. But with this much goodness coming out of the garden it's getting easier! When I got back from St Louis we picked the largest one-day harvest I think I've gotten out of a garden since we moved to Raleigh! Then yesterday Kelley went to make a pizza and picked the most perfect pepper I have ever seen. The pizza was amazing too.

Last night at swim practice we finished the main set with 30 x 50 y on 40 seconds each with descending rest intervals. This is a really hard sprint set. I hit most of the swims on 37 seconds with energy to spare, and was able to lower my heart rate during the rest interval (total was 1:10 then down to 1 minute). By the end, everyone was flopping around like they had rubber arms, and I felt ok.  To finish, we had to do a 50 sprint - all out. I nailed it in 34 seconds. it felt great. Most of the time I was clearing the lane in only 13 strokes. I'm all leaned out, in the taper, aerobic endurance is peaked, my swim form is right on point, and I have to assume the bike and run form are the same.  I think they are. 

This can only mean one thing. 17 days until Rev3 Cedar Point Full Rev 140.6! Bring it on.  Daddy is fueled up and ready.


Tea said...

Go Daddy!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, 17 days! That is crazy! It sounds like you are in peak condition and are prepared to run a super strong race.

That pepper looks amazing. Nothing tastes better than food from the garden!

Abby said...

Wow. Your garden harvest looks awesome.