Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wednesday Picture Update

We start in the garden!

Some of the muscadines are finally starting to ripen! These are turning purple.  This is a  sight I have waited 3 years for. Patience, gardener.  patience.

This is a ghost pepper on the bush. It's looking great!

These habs are looking ripe! Plenty of green ones still on the bushes too.
Our niece Kaileigh got to come stay with us for a few nights. It wasn't the multiple weeks that she's gotten to stay with us in the past, but we still got to spend some good time with her. Today is the day that she moves into the dorm to start her college experience. She's going to Greenville Tech, the only community college in SC with dorms, and she starts classes a week from today.  I'm so excited for her to finally be out on her own - making her own decisions and defining (and meeting) her own responsibilities. While she was in town, this happened:

The once bare arm.....

When you hang out with Tony......

Ink Happens. She's really into American Traditonal tats, and this is her first.
And finally, some pictures of the kids from our trip to the mountains. That race report is coming tomorrow, I think.

My beautiful girl

Kelley kept encouraging the kids to play "Naked and Afraid" crawling up the creek here

Evil Genius and her Nana

Getting adventurous!

Leaping up to a ledge

This is one of my favorite shots

This creek has 7 waterfalls that run right next to their deck

Ironman is 3.5 weeks away!  This is a recovery week, and taper starts on Monday. The nerves are starting to get rattled, and I'm eating everything in sight.  hang in there!

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Every time you post garden pics, I am instantly envious! Everything looks so good (except the ghost peppers scare me!)

I'm glad Kaleigh is going to a college that has dorms so she can truly be out on her own. I hope she has a great first year of college!