Tuesday, August 5, 2014

July really happened

And here are some of the totals and highlights

Swim: 26,450 m, 9 swims, 1 race
Bike: 610 miles, 15 rides
Run: 165 miles, 14 runs
Minimum run distance: 10 miles
Strength: once
Yoga: 7 times
Major Birthdays: 2
Recovery weeks: 1

duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. wow. I knew this was a heavy training month, but that is insane. I've never had a 500 mile bike month or a 150 mile run month. To pull both of those milestones in the same July is insane! Finally all of that spring stuff was done and I was able to settle into my training plan. There was a few thunderstorm related pool closings but for the most part I was able to be pretty meticulous about sticking to my training plan. I hope it turns out to be enough for me to get a strong race in Rev3 Cedar Point in only 5 more short weeks.

The only race I had in July was the Big Deuce open water swim - 2 miles. It was great. My 39th birthday came early in the month, and the other major birthday came from my niece Kaileigh - turning 18 at the end of the month. She's all grown up and heading off to college next week. It's crazy to think that the first time I met Kelley's sister she was 9 months pregnant with that little turd.  Now she's all growed up. We also got in a trip to Greenville this month to visit with my parents during the one recovery week.

In Build 1, week 3 got really intense. Very high volume, I got to train for 21 hours that week. The only week in the entire year that has more volume than that one, is Build 2 week 3 which is actually going on this week. August has already seen a half ironman PR (race report later this week) in the mountains. And I've got this huge week happening now, a Hoka One-One running shoe review in the works, some Vegan Up support.... there's a lot going on these days. So much fun!


Tea said...

Where do you track your training? Training Peaks? Strava?

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, July was a huge month for you, training and otherwise! That's a lot of biking and running in one month!

I hope that Kaleigh ends up loving college and finding her people there. I HATED high school with a passion but college was totally where I came into my own. I hope she finds the same!