Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Huma Gel Flavors

A while ago (as evidenced in the pictures) I was contacted by Huma Gels to review some of their new flavors. They sent a few packets over for me to try, and once again I was not dissapointed!

Ready to go!
I didn't get the chance to do a workout long enough to need a gel for a while, but I have consumed both gels with the same reaction. The consistency is very liquid, so they are easy to take. The flavor is a bit strong, but it's not so overpowering like you're going to make a squishy face while on the bike. The packaging opens surprisingly easy, so they would be great taped to the top bar of your bike. Overall, these new flavors are a great compliment to the rest of the product line.

I do wish that they were a bit weaker though. You get a bit of a shock from the liquidity; it's so much thinner than a Gu or Hammer Gel, it's more like a Powerbar Gel feeling. And that kind of surprise combined with the strong flavor can be a bit shocking.

Huma gels are made from chia seeds and are totally vegan.  The recipe was developed by a US Army soldier during his tour in Iraq to keep him fighting strong. They come in strawberry, apple cinnamon, mango, and blueberry flavors. I got the mango and blueberry this time, and there is a review of the apple cinnamon and strawberry flavors on the blog as well.

Seriously, you can order online or find a store. Their distribution is growing all the time. And these are gels that you want to try out for yourself. Find some! Get some! Do work!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Those sound interesting. I don't know if I would like the liquid consistency or not... I used gu's when training for marathons and sometimes those felt so thick, I had trouble swallowing them during the race when I got tired/sick of gu so the liquid consistency might help with that. I am not really using gels these days as I am not working out hard enough to justify it, but I will need something like that when I start training for my trail half. I like that they are made from natural ingredients. I am sure I would not want to know what is in those sugary gus I used to eat. ;)

Abby Land said...

I am such a gel wuss. The consistency freaks me out a bit so I tend to stick to chews.