Monday, June 9, 2014

The Happy Graduation!

She actually did it! My niece Kaileigh has finally done graduated from high school. I'm very proud of her, she pulled decent grades and enjoyed the marching band and other extra curricular activities. And now she's out in the adult world with the rest of us, God help us all.

Large graduating class!

She's the last one in line

Ready to walk

Getting the diploma

The ceremony went pretty smooth, I was looking for people to trip up or anything. But everything came out clean. We had good seats, and we all got to sit together.

Me with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law

me, Kelley, and her dad

Kelley's mom and stepdad with the Evil Genius
After the ceremony, we all finally met up outside of the Winthrop Colosseum for some pictures

K with the stepdad

EG didn't want to get her picture taken or wait around outside

I look cool with my shades on

K with her summertime family
Afterwards we all went to Outback (her choice) for lunch. This all started about 8:30 am so we were hungry. It was her first decision made as an adult.

Kaileigh is planning on staying with us again this summer, and I'm quite happy about that. What's funny is the kickoff. She's supposed to drive to Raleigh to drop off some stuff before heading up to Richmond VA the next day for a weekend of concerts with her boyfriend. This is funny because she has no drivers license, no running car, and has never met this boyfriend except through the internet. She's been an adult for 2 days so she actually expects this will happen and is safe. ha! and again I say ha! teenagers are so funny.

So it was a good quick trip down there, she's glad to be done with the SC public school system, and I'm glad she graduated without a pregnancy scare. Greenville Tech is actually a community college with dorms, so she's planning on going there and living on campus in the fall. But there are still some loose ends to tie up so we're hoping that she can get it all worked out over the summer.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Congrats to Kaleigh! From our conversations last summer, I know she is SO ready for this phase of her life to be over! (As was I, I hated high school). I hope you all have a wonderful summer together - I know it's great for both your family and Kaleigh to have her under your roof. I hope she has a great experience in college!

Tea said...

Congrats to Kaleigh!