Monday, May 6, 2013

HUMA - new energy gel product review

I have a new love.  Don't want to oversell it, but these Huma gel's are mindblowingly different from any of the normal Gu, Powerbar, or Hammer gels that I usually get.  The consistency and flavor are easy to take in. And the ingredient list really works for me, you see they are made from chia seeds.  When Ian, the company owner, contacted me about trying some I jumped on it.

I was on a long bike ride when I got to try one. I don't normally go for strawberry flavored stuff, but I tried this one about 30 miles in, and it was fantastic.  The package opened surprisingly easy and I hit that sauce like it was liquid gold.  The consistency was very liquid, nothing thick like the chocolate Gu's.  It went down easy and tasted just like strawberries. 

The next day I got up for a long run, and about halfway through I took the Apples & Cinnamon one.

Delish! Again, it came open easy and went down smooth.  These things are so good it was unreal.  And they are totally vegan, and totally organic. 

The web site has a store locator page so you can find a retailer near you or you can order online if there's not a store nearby.  And it is my direct reccomendation that you should order some right now.  I've never said that on here before, these gels are that good.  It's a cool company and an amazing product.


Hugh Jass said...

Awesome! I've been wanting to know about these. I even contacted them on Facebook to see when they might be selling in the Dallas area.

Karen said...

I just got a sample pack a week or so ago and tried them out in my race this weekend. Love them! I like that they are more natural than say a GU gel AND they taste like apple pie :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Interesting! I have not heard of these. I am totally gu'd out so I need to find another solution for Chicago. I struggle with fruit flavored gu's as it gives me stomach issues but I wonder if I would be ok with these? I will have to give them a chance!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Sounds good but the packages seem a little bit bigger. How did that part of it work out?

Alisa said...

I do love Chia seeds!

I don't do so well with gels in general though =)...But as you know, I won't be needing them for awhile anyway =(.

Caratunk Girl said...

OK I have been wanting to try these out. I need to find an online place to get some, I think they might be awesome for IM run.