Friday, May 17, 2013

Swallowed whole

Last week was busy.  this week was busy.  huh?

Pretty solid week.  Missed monday night's run and saturday's long bike ride, but almost made that up on sunday.  Family stuff, work stuff, training stuff, and life stuff all came together in a perfect storm last week and this week too, really.  It's been insane.  Insane!

Saturday we all went to see the Raleigh Symphony play.  It was a wonderful performance, they did a Disney thing where they put images from the movies up on a big screen and had a few singers with the orchestra.  The show was amazing, the kids loved it, and I got these pics:

Before the show.  EG is doing a curtsey.

The kids at the show.  Bigun wore the Pocahontas costume, Evil Genius was Cinderella

They enjoyed the artwork at the performing arts center
Like I said, incredible show.  We all had an amazing time, and it was a great thing to do for Mothers Day.  Too bad it was also Kelley's idea and I can't take any credit for it.

Saturday afternoon we also upgraded to smart phones.  Finally.  I was the last person, possibly in 'Merica, to still be using an old school flip phone.  We ended up going with a Windows phone and love it!  There are plenty of apps, having internet access from the phone is neat. But I'm not interested in being one of those guys that always stares at a phone.  those people still bother me.  But it was nice to have a decent camera (photos above) and be able to upload the pics to the pc easily. I'm really still learning how the damn thing works, but I have become addicted to Temple Run.

Only bad thing is that the battery life sucks.  It has to be charged every day.  every. single. night. it dies.

Saturday night while we were getting ready for the show I ran into the footboard of the bed and left one helluva charlie horse on my right leg.  So between the Verizon store and the symphony, saturday only had room for my early morning swim practice (4350 meters).  Sunday I tried to make up for my missed long ride by making it a long brick.  But then I lost a gel somewhere (in the driveway) so I cut the bike ride from 45 miles back to only 32, and started running.  Well, that charlie horse apparently left a deep bruise so my 12 mile run turned into 2 miles.  then I limped out of there.  ouch. had to call monday a rest day as well.

And by Sunday afternoon, we had lost the phones.  The kids have completely taken over their usage, so calling or texting me will now only get them.  RIP smart phones, it was a quick 24 hours but I did enjoy it.

Good luck if you're racing this weekend!  IM Texas is going on, and I'll be tracking Baha.  Let me know if you're getting out there too.  Also today is my dad's 66th birthday - happy birthday Dad! and on saturday my mom is coming up for a short visit.  should be fun fun fun in Raleigh. 


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Stay away from all those GPS training tracking apps, they drain your battery even faster and and your phone is dead under 2 hours

Lisa said...

Yeah, my joke about battery life on my smart phone: it's great as long as I turn off mobile data, GPS, etc, and never use my phone!

carrie said...

Hubby and I made the switch from our phones in January. I loved my 5 year old LG flip phone!!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Happy birthday to your dad!

I have had my iPhone for a little over 2 years and I ADORE it. I especially love it now that I live in a city I am not familiar with as I use the Google Maps navigator ALL THE TIME.

Charlie horses are horrible! Sounds like you bounced back though and got in a solid week.

Alisa said...

No iPhone for you? It is the best smartphone around =).

Anyway, onto the Charlie Horse...I've had that same thing happen to me, where my whole leg locks up for 30 seconds or so. Foam roll and massage the crap out of it, it hurts like a mo fo but every time it shorten the lingering pain.

I've had a couple of charlie horses recently in my broken foot side...ugh, it is soooooo painful not to be able to stretch them out properly. In the past 3 weeks I've learned a lot about sucking it up.

Solid training...cute kiddos.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Get the App Killer (app) and it will shut down programs that are running in the background, which is what drains your battery so fast.