Monday, May 27, 2013

Freaky Friday Part 1

So after posting 3x a week this month, it's been 10 days since my last post.  When I tell you why, you may be left just shaking your head.  When we left off, the Flynn's had just gone to the symphony concert.  I'll try to be brief between then and the Friday When Everything Came Together.

Midweek stuff was fine, I chose to run instead of swim.  Totally uneventful.  Saturday I trained with purpose, trying to get it all done before we popped a surprise on the kids.  The RAM swim practice was great, then I got in a 50 mile long ride.  No time for a nap, it was furious eating and cleaning the kids/house after that.

Totals for the week ended up hitting 111 miles on the bike, 10 miles running, and the single 2 mile swim.  8 hours 20 minutes is a decent week.  The sunday long run that didn't happen would have filled in the rest of the time and milage.  Good week!

We got a quick visit from Mom and Dad! Dad makes it to Raleigh at most once a year, this trip was only for one night.  It was a quick up here saturday afternoon, then back home Sunday morning.  Still long enough to have lots of fun with the kids.

They came to celebrate Evil Genius' upcoming birthday!!

with Cake and Presents, of course.  She loved seeing a cake with her name on it.

And a Justin Bieber poster really hit the spot.  I kind of threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Birthday books for the Birthday Girl.
Needless to say the kids were over the moon about getting a visit from their grandparents.  EG's actual birthday hasn't come yet, but we weren't going to be able to get down to Greenville until the week after the actual day, so they beat us to it and came up here.  Fantastic.  After the birthday party, we went to dinner at the Boylan Street Brewpub, which has fantastic beers and one of the best views of the skyline in Raleigh.

They actually had sunglasses for EG to borrow.  Cool restaurant!

Dad really enjoyed it.

Flynns and the Raleigh skyline.  How cool is that!
After dinner we went to a park to play with the kids some, and had a blast.  I still can't believe dad actually got up on that climbing rock!

You know, just hanging out with his granddaughter
That's a fake rock with climbing holds built in, and the soft rubber surface makes it perfect for kids to climb and play on.  But it is still over 7' tall and can be intimidating to get up there.  Spending good quality time with your grandparents is so important, both for the grandparents and the kids.  And I also got to talk to them about a work problem I was having getting converted from a contractor into full time at IBM.  That weighs kind of heavily into the next week, and part 2 of Freaky Friday.


Hugh Jass said...

"I kind of threw up in my mouth a little bit." Haha! I know the feeling.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Lol about the Beiber poster. I have one of his CD's on my iPod. Can we still be friends? I like running to some of his songs!

Sorry to hear you have some things you are working through with being converted into a full time employee... I hope you have some good news in your next post!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Beiber Fever! I never understood what everyone loves about that guy. My friend (in her 30s) had a bday party and we decorated with Beiber. it was pretty funny; we even had a Beiber Pinata!