Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Very Flynn Weekend

This sunday turned out to be pretty cool.  Heck, just waking up to no alarm clock is pretty cool.  I got up and had a calm breakfast, then got out in the garden for a bit.  It felt so nice to get my hands in the dirt.  I turned in a couple of bags of compost into this last plot of a garden bed and sank some plants that we had waiting in the wings.  Here's the final output:
The veggie bed

Veggies right in front of the muscadines.  The vines are getting really big this year!  Should get some good fruit.

Saturday we went to the State Farmers Market looking for plants.  I ended up getting some jabanero plants (3), and already had a jalepeno ready to go too.  And from lowe's we had a zucchini and squash, and a basil waiting to be planted.  So they all went in the ground.  I am super excited about having that many hot peppers this year.  And really I love gardening and just haven't had the space to do much gardening since we moved up here.  So that made today start off great.

Then I got to go sing at church.  Evil Genius had a tummy ache so Kelley and the girls stayed home.  The service ended up being dedicated to the senior citizens of the church, and I was surprised to see 5 members over 90 years old that were in attendance.  The whole service made me want to call my grandmothers.  It was beautiful.

On the way home from the service I picked up Snoopy's hot dogs for everyone.  The family always likes it when I do that, and it was delish as always.

Then we got to just hang out and play with the kids for a while.  Saturday morning we had a yard sale, and we stumbled across some old 8mm reel movies.  Lots of moster movies, a surfing flick, you name it.  Even some old disney stuff in there.  Kelley was setting up the projector when Bigun asked "is it in 3D?"  .....  um, no.  #fail.  there's not even audio.  They still watched every film they could until the bulb burned out.

I headed to the gym while the movies were on to get my workout done.  15 miles on the stationary bike in 42 minutes, and a 12 mile treadmill run at a steady 8 minute pace.  Nice brick.  I felt pretty good the whole time.  All day sunday it was on the brink of rain, like it was about to pour down at any moment, and it didn't, but the threat was enough to keep me inside.  That's really why I wanted to get the plants in the ground before the rain started.  Now it looks like we're not going to see the sun (or 70+ degrees) until friday???!?!?  That's absurd.  It's May for crying out loud.  Spring should be here by now. 

Apparently the other people in the gym thought that bikini season was almost here.  You could totally tell that there was an abnormal number of skinny college bitches that need to work out twice to take off the winter weight and get ready to show off at the beach.  They were all in there today, crowding out my normally uncrowded cardio deck.  I don't like those people any more than you girls do; I have to work very hard to stay almost thin and "those people" are just annoying.

I mentioned the garage sale saturday morning.  I actually missed most of it to hit the RAM team practice.  We crushed 4200 meters saturday morning, which is a PDR for me.  It was my first time going over 4000, and that's a lot of laps in that pool.  It was an amazing practice, and I came home hungry and in need of coffee.  I did get to hang out some.  The girls had a table setup selling brownies and lemonade, so they were loving that.

Pink lemonade and brownies. 

Bigun even got to hold a fluffy white dog for a while!  She was loving that.

Saturday was also really cold and overcast.  Totally not May weather.  After the yard sale we hit the farmers market, got the pepper plants above and a giant bucket of strawberries, and then Bigun and I went home while Kelley and EG went to the thrift store to drop off the yard sale stuff that didn't sell.  They also shopped for a bit and found this:

a pink kid sized chair.  EG had to have it.  We were trying to get rid of stuff, but she needed this chair for the sole purpose of reading stories to her baby dolls.  This may be the sweetest thing the child has ever done.  and it is a really cute chair.

Once they got back from the thrift store I headed out to the gym and knocked a 60 mile bike ride down.  The legs really fatigued there, it was tough.  But pushing the limits of my muscular endurance now is exactly what I need to be prepared for Ironman Raleigh in just a few more weeks.  And you can only imagine that a 60 mile ride meant I was ready to eat eat eat saturday night.

Back to Sunday, after the great brick workout I was also ready to eat.  Kelley pulled out an old weight watchers recipe for meatball subs.  It was still pretty amazing.  Then I got the kids in the shower and we settled in to watch the 30 by 30 on NC State's 1983 championship team.  Turns out most of the interviews were done at the Player's Retreat, where we had lunch on saturday to celebrate a good yard sale.  And that's how you finish off a pretty incredible weekend.

Actually it was a pretty decent week!  For workouts at least.  Thursday night I missed the swim practice to help setup stuff for the yard sale.  Other than that I was right on plan.  Don't even have the numbers yet.

The cast iron club is moving right along too.  Right now I'm at 18.07 iron swims (yay over halfway there!), 10.91 iron bikes, and 9.65 iron runs.  I'm looking forward to seeing every sport cross the 10 iron mark and get a third of the way there.  The cast iron club goal is 30 iron distances  on the year.

Saturday was Star Wars day, may the fourth be with you.  Sunday was cinco de mayo, and happy birthday to my brother Morgan who turned 33.  But I'm afraid that means that tomorrow will be the Revenge of the Sixth, when the dark side will show up again.  I have enough other posts to write that I'm going to try and post every day this week!  Have a good one.


Lisa said...

I'm envious that you got your garden planted. I need to wait at least another week to be past danger of frost.

Your training is shaping up nicely too!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Man, this cold, rainy weather is getting OLD. It's like living in Seattle. I think it's been like this almost every day for the next 2 weeks. I am not able to do much outside right now between my injury and studying but it would still be nice to see the sun. I am glad it will warm up this weekend, though!

Nice work on that indoor brick outfit! And your garden looks great - I am envious! I did a patio garden last year but it was not all that successful so I decided not to do it again this year. I guess I will be hitting up the farmer's markets in the area instead.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

That sounds like a fun (and normal?) weekend! I love hot peppers, but don't grow any as my brother grows a ton and gives them to me. I made hot sauce last year and am just down to the last of it and am getting sad about that!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Sounds like a busy weekend. Glad you enjoyed it.

Yes, I, too, am sick of the rainy cold weather.

Kenley said...

Nice Training! My wife is busy with some Gardening as I write this comment. Doing some amazing stuff. Training or Garage Sale? Hmmmmmmm. lol. I know which one I would pick. Glad you had a great weekend. Keep up the training and thanks for posting.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Not gonna lie, before reading anything, I thought that was a snake in your yard, I hate snakes.

8mm film!! Now that is so cool!! Talk about bringing back memories!!

That is one thing I dont get, the weather breaks and people swarm to the gym.... ummm.... running outside is better

Nice training for the week