Friday, May 16, 2014

Tons of Pics

I've gotten pics emailed to me or otherwise found after certain events, plus some random stuff that has appeared in my inbox recently. These are those pictures.

Morgan's Wedding:

Kelley's dress was a real knockout, and I didn't get a single shot of it. Fortunately, my Atlanta parents did get plenty and they emailed me some.

All Flynn's, all the time
Kelley, me, our girls, Martha & Morgan, Mom & Dad, Summer, Michael, & our niece

Me with the knockout

With my Atlanta Mom (the Godmother)

Kelley and the kids with my new cousin

I do occasionally dance with my bride

smooching on the dance floor. We grossed out the kids.

Dancing outside with Evil Genius

Dancing with me! Cheek to cheek.
I also forgot a funny story. During the wedding, we all walk outside then while we're waiting for Martha to walk down the aisle I got a surprise visitor. A bee suddenly flew in front of my face and hovered around my tie for a little "too" long. I thought I was going to get stung, which would have been quite poor timing. It did get a big laugh though.

Evil Genius Indian Princess Camp

Some of the other dads put their pics online and I found a few good ones to share.

At the ice cream social Friday night! that's most of our tribe

The zipline tower. that sucker is 45' tall.

Kids on the dock at Tony's house friday dinner

Me and Will on the dock at Tony's house
The Garden Grows!

EG has one strawberry already growing on her strawberry plant!

The canteloupe and green bean plants are up!

This tomato is already as tall as the cage! And covered in blooms

Potato plants are poking through! That means potatoes are forming underground.


Ok I really thought I had more than one random picture. This is Bigun's Indian Princess tribe at a recent service project. We were stuffing food bags so we all had to wear hairnets. I still had the beard, so this was several weeks ago. And I got to bring both kids out to stuff food, so it was extra fun. That's a really fun group, and Bigun and I have a fun weekend coming up!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Lots of great pics but my favorite are the ones of you and Kelley. Wow she looks beautiful. That dress looks great on her. Love that you guys are still so in love. You two definitely have something special!

And your garden is really growing!!

Abby said...

I really want to try ziplining because I think it would be terrifying and awesome all at once.

Caroline Thomas said...

Love all your pics!