Thursday, May 1, 2014

April's Gone!

Well April did contain my first one of these overload cycles. Base 1 is in the books and I have to admit, I really like this format.

The format is to overload or focus on growth in one sport each week, followed by a recovery week.

Base 1 swim: 12,700 m
Base 1 bike: 85 miles
Base 1 run: 34 miles
Base 1 recovery: balanced easy workouts

Now the Base 2 phase will try to grow those totals by about 10%. But, well, that bike total was really low to begin with. and the swim was already really high. So really I'm just going to try and run 40 miles before the next recovery week.

So what else happened in April?

Swim: 22,500m, 7 swims
Bike: 173 miles, 9 rides
Run: 112 miles, 13 runs
Strength: 8 times
Yoga: 18 times

Boy you've got to love how those numbers add up in full blown Ironman training. Strong swim and run distances, but the bike was sorely lacking. I'm starting to get back at ease riding though, so I think May will be a much stronger month. At least I'll bike more than I run.  112 miles running is pretty strong. that's kind of beautiful. And 22,5 in the pool is great too!

April included volunteering at the Dixie Zone swim meet and the Umstead 100 (where I ran 31 miles), but no real races. This year I'm trying to get in less races that will be more quality time. But it is kind of hard seeing friends put up PR's and finishing nice triathlons when I haven't gotten out there yet. St. Anthony's last weekend anyone? I also got lots of incredible family time, and there's plenty more of that coming too.

May is another month. This week is a swim overload, and my brother Morgan is getting married! I've got a lot of fun stuff going on. Including the Lowcountry Splash! I can't wait for my first 5 mile open water swim.


B.o.B. said...

Big numbers for sure! Looks like April was a great month for you.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

April was a great month for you! May sounds like it will be a big month too, both in terms of workouts and in terms of a big family event! I bet you are so excited for your brother's wedding!

April was a great month for me. I did a wide variety of workouts and did 32 workouts in 30 days which I am happy with. My goal is at least 31 workouts in May. I am doing more strength training these days so feel like I am starting to look a bit more lean.