Friday, May 2, 2014

Boys Weekend

About once a year (or every other year) my fraternity brothers get together. It's a wild time, every time. We tend to act in ways that are not at all age appropriate and take no pictures. Usually there's a large group and we head to Charleston SC, but this year's get together was smaller so we went back to Boone. We also took a couple of pictures.

Nice view from the cabin

That Jameson was just as harsh friday night as it was saturday morning

Goofing around at the Klondike

There was lots of drinking. One of the cool and strange things about Ironman training is that the body gets very efficient at nutrient uptake. The unexpected side effect of this is that I process alcohol very quickly making it very difficult to catch a buzz. But there is an upper limit to everything, and it turns out that 8 beers and 5 shots is actually that limit.

Hangovers hurt a lot more the closer I get to 40.

Saturday night was a total blast. One of our old music professors is retiring in a couple of months, and this was his last concert directing the Steely Pan Steel Pan Band, which is sort of legendary around the campus. There was about 50 people on stage playing steel drums since all kinds of alumni came back. The concert lasted about 2 hours and there was a reception afterwards.  The coolest part about the entire thing was seeing the passion. There was a tangible, practically visible passion in the air that Dr Meister has for teaching, and for his students. And the students clearly return the favor with respect and dignity. It was really thrilling for me to see how the alumni wanted to give back. The show was great too. There was a lot of PhD's on the stage. And even one guy who is now a professional pan player.  Check out these:


Abby said...

Glad the boys weekend was great. Would have been hilarious if you were on Folly the same weekend I was.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, that sounds like an epic weekend! That's so awesome that so many of you are able to get together. And that concert sounds really cool. Thumbs down to hangovers, though. They do hurt so bad as adults. I guess those days are over for me since I am limited to 2 drinks/month so no more hangovers may be one positive aspect to my limited alcohol intake!