Friday, May 9, 2014

He actually did it!

My brother Morgan actually, finally, got married. The most shocking part of the wedding might be that I actually did not get drunk and make a total ass out of myself. It helped that the place they held the shindig was only a wine and champagne outfit, neither of which I typically indulge in.

Martha, the girl he married is an absolute doll. She's actually taller than him and will not take any shit, so I love her. She's a great addition to the gene pool. But, she did grow up as an only child, so I bet having brothers as annoying as me and Michael will take some adjusting time. And having nieces is going to open up a whole new world. very cool.

We got up last Friday morning and hit the road for Greenville. The trip was non-eventful and we arrived at my parents house around 2 pm. At 3, the rehearsal started. Michael and I were groomsmen, and my dad was the best man. Martha had 2 bridesmaids and a best friend as the maid of honor. Friday was bright and sunny, and it was an outdoor ceremony.

The flower girls with their baby cousin

Happy couple rehearsing

Bridesmaids and flower girls

The kids really had a blast
Friday night we had the rehearsal dinner at my parents house. Lots of people came, there was some incredibly good food and we met some fascinating people. A good time was had by all.

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day for an outside ceremony! 80* and not a cloud in the sky. They had about 50 people come by, some of which I had not seen in a long time. Before the ceremony started, all of us on the male side got holed up in a room to be sure Morgan didn't bolt.

Morg and I

Kelley getting the flower girls ready

Ready to throw some petals

Parents and Nieces of the groom
The ceremony was about 20 minutes long and was simple. It was peaceful, funny, and very special. There was sand from Myrtle Beach (Martha's hometown) and Tybee Island for our side of the family. It created a perfect blend. Tasteful and graceful.

The new Mr and Mrs Flynn

Unc with the kids
The reception was inside the mansion where they had the wedding. This place was all class, one of the nicest mansions I've ever seen. They had a DJ, the food was incredible, and I actually danced. I danced a lot. it was kind of nuts. And a fair amount of fun.

With my Atlanta Parents

Harmons dancing with the kids
Overall the wedding weekend was a huge success. The cake was great, and there was a lot of it. Lots of fun people. Lots of love. I'm so happy for my brother.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I've been waiting for this post! I am glad that his wedding was such a fun event. Sounds like the weather was pretty much perfect for an outdoor wedding which was a relief to the bride and groom, I bet! The girls look so pretty and grown up in their flower girl dresses!

Family weddings are so much fun, especially when you are happy with the spouse your family member choice. Luckily I adore all of my brothers- and sisters-in-law so all of my siblings weddings were wonderful events because I couldn't wait to officially welcome them into the family.

Tea said...

Congrats to the couple! Looks like a lot of fun.

Abby said...

Looks like an amazing time.