Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Other Stuff

There hasn't been much going on worth blogging about since the Ironman. I got in an easy 3 mile run Saturday morning just to test out the legs. I know I need to take at least another week off before trying anything serious. It was just an easy jog.

I still have 58.4 miles of running left before hitting the Cast Iron Club milestone. And with just under 2 months left I think that's going to happen.  I'm sitting on 52.22 Iron Swims, 34.52 Iron Bikes (and holding fast), and 27.78 Iron Runs. The goal is to get over 30 for each sport.

Today's MMNW (Monday morning naked weight) was 181.8 lbs and 20.6% body fat. This is pretty good. After IMFL in 2011 I put on 20 lbs in the first two weeks after the race, which was pretty extreme. I'll take a 6 lb gain the first week no problem. You should see the massive amount of foods I've been taking down.

Recovery has been going really well. By Wednesday I felt normal again and the "holy shit why did I want to do this" mentality has turned into planning for the next one. No troubles walking with the kids on Halloween.

This weekend was all glorious relaxation.  I got to watch college football and it was fabulous. I made some hot sauce and a salsa with the habanero peppers from the garden.

I love how Kelley used a Hello Kitty water bottle that the kids don't use anymore, and drew on the skull and crossbones and the "do not eat" warning for the children. It is a pretty hot sauce, a Trinidad Peppa Sauce that I almost used that recipe for. Mangos and onions and habs, oh my! Pretty tasty stuff too. It makes a really good meat marinade, like a jerk sauce for chicken and stuff.

All in all, I've got another week of relaxation and stuffing my face lined up. Going to hit the yoga mat and strength work pretty regularly again, and spend plenty of time with the family and friends. I'm already looking forward to it.


Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Sometimes the weeks after the race are a little weird but you seem to be doing fine! That pepper sauce sounds greatgreat! I made one that I put on practically everything!

hebba said...

argh...doesn't it stink how quick the weight comes back on?? That's okay. Rest and recover and regroup.

Alecia Taylor said...

Mmmmm salsa! I discovered a new salsa down here that sets my mouth aflame and yet I just. can't. put. it. away!

Do you think there will ever be a third Iron Man in your future? It's rare to see a tri blogger that has even done two. Maybe you won't be able to answer that question until after the soreness wares off. Like giving birth.