Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Sometimes the best laid plans get screwed. I was planning on running the Columbia Marathon next year, but last week the organizers cancelled it. I thought it was odd that registration hadn't opened yet, but they still had the date reserved. So it was supposed to be going on March 8th.

That means I need another marathon either on March 8th, March 29th, or April 5th. Actually, Feb 1st would work too. Well, need is a strong word. We're trying to streak the Marathon Maniac 3 star level, which is 4 full marathons in 31 days, or 4 marathons in 4 different states in 51 days. We've already got the Myrtle Beach marathon in SC and the Umstead Trail marathon in NC, and friends have been asking us every year to do the Shamrock marathon in VA. Those are each 2 weeks apart, Feb 15, March 1st and March 16. So finding a 4th marathon in another state would be great. If it doesn't work out, meh, 3 fulls is still a strong spring. 

Got a spring marathon in the plans? You should be into a training plan by now.

Mizuno Musha 5, new Zoot's, Mizuno Wave Rider 15's

I bet I'll be hitting these marathons in some green shoes, it seems everything I've gotten lately has been bright green. Those Zoot's in the middle are new, I found a good deal from LeftLane sports that I couldn't pass up. They were cheaper than The Clymb! Nobody's cheaper than the Clymb.

My beloved minimalist Musha 5's are being retired, as of tonight. I ran intervals in them tonight to see if I'd want to wear them for a 5k coming up this weekend. the answer is no. a full grumpy cat no. Ever since I really got over the right foot tendon problem (I don't want to call it an injury) during Ironman training cushioning has been at the forefront. Since the Ironman 3 weeks ago, I've been noticing other tenderness in that same foot. Not the same tendon as before, just sort of a general ache in there somewhere. That's really a normal part of the recovery process I think, and why I'm still taking it easy so I'm not worried about it. But it does mean I should be done with the minimalist shoes.

Tonights intervals were done on the treadmill, half mile intervals at a 10.0 speed (6 minute pace). I did 4 of them and stopped when my abs started giving out. That's good, solid speedwork.

This post was supposed to be a pictoral about my 12 mile long run from Saturday, but I forgot to grab the phone. It was over 70* in Raleigh, and a perfect fall day to run. I hit the Ironman Raleigh course, taking Hillsborough street to the State Capital building and back, then hitting the greenway on Meredith College for a couple of extra miles. Oh the things I saw on that beautiful autumn afternoon, including the leaves on the campus of NC State and the people downtown. I even saw Kelley and the girls driving back from her dad's house.

Finally, a Cast Iron Club update. After that 12'er, I'm sitting on 29.19 marathons on the year, then with tonight's 5 it's 29.35 marathons. The goal is 30, so I'm getting close.  Only about 17.4 miles to go. With that 5k on Saturday, it might take into next week before I finish that up.


carrie said...

I'm running the RNR NOLA marathon on 2/2. It's flat as a pancake and should be great for my first full.

Lisa Isenberger said...

I do not have spring marathon plans, but i'm thinking about trying to train for a half. it just depends on how my knee holds up

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I hope you can find another marathon to do! Hopefully someone out there has a good idea for you.

I bought some new Mizuno's when I moved here with a groupon for a local running store. I kept holding off on wearing them as I wanted to wear them on my first run. Well, that just does not seem anytime soon and my old mizuno's were SO worn out, so I started wearing my new ones a couple of weeks ago. They are a light purple with dark purple laces and they look a bit obnoxious. They are meant to be ran in, they look fast. But oh well, totally out of my control.

hebba said...

Yeah, that stinks! It messes everything up when races are cancelled.

Colleen said...

Georgia Marathon is on 3/23. It's a tough one, as it's hilly, but Tom did it last year and liked it. :)

Karen said...

Colleen beat me to it - Georgia Marathon is March 23rd. Hilly but I have done it before and I like it. The half is run at the same time and that is super popular but once they peel off around mile 10 you will have lots of road to yourself :)