Friday, November 1, 2013

5 Things Friday

1. October is Over!

Swim: 12,800 m, 5 swims, 1 Ironman
Bike: 287 miles, 9 rides, 1 Ironman
Run: 106.4 miles, 12 runs, 1 Ironman
Strength: 2 times
Yoga: 5 times

Can you tell what the important part of October was? Those totals are pretty good even with the taper time & 1 race.

2. Last one of these now that Ironman training is over

and that sweet sweet race on the end. Best 13 hours of the month right there. This is week 39 of the training plan, Race Week. 16 hours total.

3. Spike got a new home!

We got an aquarium from some friends while we were in Wilmington. So cool, he's growing really fast!

4. More Ironman Pics!

This was taken by a AAA Carolinas teammate! Thanks Scott! me exiting the swim.

Bike pics show the suffering

Remember, when I came out of the water it was still 36* and I had to take a shit. real bad.

I'm going to end up buying one of these. Real big print, too. Me and Evil Genius crossing the finish line.

5. Halloween!

EG changed her mind at the last minute, wanted to be a mummy

and Bigun wanted to be a princess, my mom made her costume

Parents still get a 40% cut, right?  Walking fee? Protection fee?

This is how you know you did Halloween right.
They were totally worn out by the end. We only went one block over what we normally do on Halloween, they were loving it at first and totally wiped out by the end.  Insane night. EG left small bits of torn toilet paper in most of the yards as she ran through, because, well, she's part Evil and part Genius. By the end, she told Kelley "carry this" and handed her the bag of candy, then told me "carry this" and pointed to herself. Too cute!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha, we both did 5 things Friday posts today. The kids got so much candy - I think you should definitely take a cut! ;)

The IM pics are awesome!

Jess Milcetich said...

I've been asking myself where this month went too. It feels like it flew by at least for me.

You killed it with the mileage!

And love the girls' Halloween costumes!

CautiouslyAudacious said...

So are you going to relax during the winter now that the IM is over or do you have more plans?!? That's too cute about the costume, bits of toilet paper! We didn't get very many trick or treaters for some reason...

Viper said...

All these Halloween pics look exhausting. I don't know if I'm ready for the next few years of intense trick or treating. This year was easy. Cheers!