Monday, December 13, 2010

Fun Christmas Times

First, the MMNW:

This week: 189.8 lbs, 22.7% body fat
Last week: 191.8 lbs, 23.2% body fat

It is SOOO NICE to finally be under 190 officially. I haven't seen numbers that low since 2005 at least. maybe 2003. To do the math, it's 19 lbs total. 208.8 starting weight at 28.5% body fat means I was carrying around 59.45 lbs of fat. 189.8 at 22.7% = 43.08 lbs of body fat. That's a difference of 16.37 lbs (out of 19 total) of body fat lost. Getting to my goal of 9% body fat would put the remaining body fat at about 15 lbs = I still have 28 lbs of body fat to get rid of. I can live with the extra 2.7 lbs of "other" loss. But after 8 weeks on the Racing Weight plan, I'm blowing through fat with very little muscle loss. That is the goal. Yes, 160 is still a long way off, but I like this direction. Every week I'm showing a loss both in pounds and body fat percentage. Crossing the 190 threshold is very promising.

We got some snow in Raleigh! I got some good shots of the kids playing around trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues.

Friday I did something unheard of. Got to meet up with another blogger and got absolutely no pictures of us!!! Sarah the Sun Runner came to Charlotte to run the Thunder Road marathon. I got to hang out with her some the day before as a social call. South Carolina was one of only three states that she has never visited, and it was only a few miles away. Plenty of people live in SC and work in Charlotte. So we headed down to my home state for some good southern hospitality. I got to tell her all about BBQ, the difference between y'all and you'uns, why we need the world's largest fireworks store (to blow shit up year 'round of course), and why we like giant peaches. Of course the next day she kicked some ass in the marathon, but you'll have to wait on her race report for that. I can only tell you that she is absolutely fantastic in person and I wish I had more time to spend with her. Blogger meetups are the best!

My mom came up saturday to spend the weekend with us. It's always fun when she comes to visit. Next weekend is Kelley's birthday. So mom got the kids to make crowns and cupcakes and we threw her a surprise party. It came out pretty good!

Evil Genius looks like she's ready to go out robbing banks in Kelley's new face mask for running outside as cold as it's been lately.

We actually dressed up for my company's christmas party this year! The party was great. Everyone had a good time. Several people got really drunk, and we enjoyed laughing at them. We got pretty trashed too, but not that bad. Good times, I tell you.

Evil Genius had her first kindergarten Christmas program this morning. What do you with an Evil Genius in church? Every song had little breaks in it where she (and only she) called out very loudly "Hey Mommy! Hey Daddy! Hey Grandparents (all of them)". It was fantastic. so cute. My mom was there, so were Kelley's mom and Gene, and her dad and Eleanor were able to make it too. So we took up an entire pew in the church. it was fantastic.

She got to show us around her school too. She loved it!

Have a great week! Weight loss doesn't take holidays off. Stay strong and fast out there.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You sure are looking lean & trim! Way to go on the weight loss, especially during the time of year. I have been so so about getting my work outs in lately. I'll start training for a race in late January so need to get back on track...

Evil Genius is adorable!! I love that you got shout outs during her program. that's priceless.

Sun Runner said...

A picture of the epic run-blogger meetup will have to wait for the next time. :)

Wes said...

Keep up the good work bro. Since I'm gaining weight, when we match up, I'll race ya to 160 :-)

Love the pics of the girls. We got a light dusting of snow here. Not much to write home about. Would like it to warm up above freezing though!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

You look great, John! And you and Kelly look so nice all dressed up! Your girls sure are getting big, you need to blog more!

Colleen said...

First, congrats on the weight loss! You and Kelly both look great! :)

Second, your girls are too cute! :)

joyRuN said...

They cancelled our kindergarten christmas concert this year!!! Something about only having one music teacher who's stretched too thin - whiny baby.

'Grats on the weight loss.

runrettarun said...

Great job on the weight loss! You lost me during all the % talk . . . I'm not so great at math ha. Your girls are so darn pretty! Happy early birthday to your lover!

Jess said...

congrats on the continuing weight loss! And it looks like the girls had a blast in the snow. We got some in DC yesterday, but it was more a pain in the rear than fun.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Keep losing fat like that and you'll eventually be a total pinhead, which is where I assume 95% of the fat was stored.

Hahahahaha! Just kidding! Good on you for getting healthy so you'll be around a long while for your girls

Badgergirl said...

I just had a blogger pic failure too this month. Must be going around.

Great job on the weight loss and love the pics of Evil Genius.