Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Pics

Just some random pics of Christmas this year.

Evil Genius is so cute just sitting in a chair!
and doing the sprinkler dance....

Friday night we got together with Kelley's dad's family in Biscoe NC (it's right next to Troy and Starr, NC if you've never heard of Biscoe)

They got new pajamas on Christmas Eve.

Santa dropped a load on our living room overnight! The girls were thrilled.

Bigun, Kelley, her dad Mickey, his wife Eleanor. They came over Christmas morning to check out santa claus with the girls. Kelley took a lot of time to put together these fantastic picture books (hardcover with digitally printed pics) at, they came out really clean. Fantastic product. Everyone is reading the book she put together for Mickey.

Who turned out the lights? Both girls got new bike helmets, Bigun got a new bike, and they both got razor scooters.

Hanging with some of their favorite presents

Saturday afternoon we drove to Greenville SC to be with my mom's family.

My mom's mom, brother Morgan, Aunt Becky

Michael is ROCKING that 'stache! With his wife Summer.

We gave Morgan that hat. Too funny!

Sunday we all had brunch with my parents. That's quite a table spread! And I made the piece of furniture in the back corner when I was in college. That was a really cool design for a corner cabinet.

Greenville got SNOW! It was the first white christmas since the 1920's.

Mom and Bigun

Morgan, Michael, dad, his mom (she's 90 and still awesome), mom, me. Isn't it appropriate that I wore a red race t-shirt to christmas?

Natalie (Morgan's girlfriend who recently passed the SC bar exam and is now officially a lawyer), Morgan, Summer, Michael, Gigi, me, Evil Genius, Kelley, Bigun.

The four of us

Sunday night we went to visit Kelley's mom in Prosperity SC. Bigun loves her Michael Phelps book and funny hat.

I swiped a page from that hat book too.

EG also got this incredible sweater!

Took us 7 hours to drive home from Prosperity (normally 4 hours). We came home to snow in Raleigh! What a white christmas!

A snowman with broccoli eyes and hair? bitch please.

We all had a good holiday. I've got this whole week off as a vacation. It's my first "whole week" vacation since 2000 and I am so freaking excited. Thanks to the holidays (and having the office closed next monday for New Years) and weekend days, I burned 4 days of PTO and get 11 days in a row without having to go into the office! loving it!

Still to come: a 2010 year in review, and the 2011 kickoff schedule and goals post.


Carly said...

Love the photos! Looks like an amazing holiday. Is your snow gone? If so, I am thinking of a move. We are going to have snow until June.

Tyger Lily said...

Looks like you had an AWESOME Christmas John! I love, love, love the broccoli snowman! Bitch please indeed! Happy New Year!!

Lisa said...

great photos!! thanks for sharing. looks like you have a wonderful family christmas!

Wes said...

Ahhh,y'all done good :-) Happy New Year!

Teamarcia said...

Looks like an amazing holiday John! The kids are beautiful. Happy New Year!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Looks like a really fine southern Christmas! Happy New Year to you and the Family, Cletus!

It's not starting off well, though, because your fucking blog just gave me a word verification of "chemo".

So ... I wish you a Happy New Year and what do YOU wish ME?



Kim said...

looks like you and the fam had a wonderful christmas. the girls are just way too cute. happy new year :)

Colleen said...

Looks like a fabulous Christmas! Those girls of yours are too cute! Hope you have a great New Year!

Al's CL Reviews said...

The photos are great!