Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekend Recap - Help!

So first I got my 15 mile long run last week cut short to 12 miles b/c the mp3 player died and you just can't do that crap on the treadmill without it. So hey, that's allright. 12 miles is fine, and they were fast enough to make a snail cry. The mp3 player died about 10.5 miles in. I knew I'd never make it.

This weekend was a blast! Kelley and the girls came to Raleigh and Kelley and I actually got to go hang out with some friends saturday night! It's so cool to have friends here. I got hammered. I didn't realize how much your alcohol tolerance can increase with heavy training and no regular drinking. But I drank a butt-ton more than I ever used to when I drank all the time. To the tune of a 3-digit bar tab before tip. bah, it's all in good fun though. We got to hang out with Kelley's old roommate from when she met me and tell all kinds of embarrassing stories to some other friends. I hadn't seen Robin in at least 10 years though, so it was wonderful. And apparently I had forgotten how often I used to wind up drunk and naked in public back then. Robin had not forgotten. She did notice that I am about 60 lbs heavier now though. ha!

The sunday hangover left me in a prime position to watch football. until the kids woke up. and that's all I can remember about sunday.

Monday I got in a 1000 yd swim over lunch, tri power in the morning and then had to work late. Work had everyone on the team pretty upset, so I really tore a hole in that pool water. Nothing like a good, hard, fast, who's-your-daddy swim to work out some demons. Of course, that also meant I was starved through all of the afternoon meetings.

Today was interesting. I did yoga before work as usual and packed up all of the bike stuff. Lunchtime 3 of us went out for the company mountain bike ride. It was 64 degrees and sunny, perfect weather to go for a nice hard ride. We do a loop in Umstead state park that's 12.3 miles, and today it took us 1:03 to complete. However the fun started about 5 miles in.

The first 5 were great. We were hitting the climbs hard and pounding out some good speed (for mtb style). But we took the loop backwards this time. I bought some pedals for Roberta finally, and picked up a second pair of MTB pedals for the mountain bike. So now I have 2 pairs of shoes and 3 bikes that all have the same SPD clipless pedals. Today was the first time I took the MTB out with the black road shoes. So about 5 miles in I went down a big hill in a high gear. At the bottom it turns sharply, and since I'm still a wuss on the trails I corner slower than I maybe should have. The trail immediately turns straight uphill. The bike wouldn't shift gears fast enough, so I stand up to try and power up this 12% grade in the biggest chainring. Then of course I came to a complete stop and couldn't unclip my shoes in time. So I just fell over. Imagine that.... uphill, complete stop, fall down. I got a little trail rash (like road rash?) on both legs. Ended up laying flat on my back still clipped in holding the bike above me.

But hey, that's why I shave my legs. Sure when the ride was over I had to pick some gravel out of my skin. There was some bleeding. But I can put all the bandages I want on these nice smooth legs without having to rip out leg hair when they need to be removed. Ah. The only real problem is there are blemishes on the sexy parts now.

I walked up the rest of that climb, and rode the last 7 miles of the trail with bloody legs. Adrenaline is a powerful drug. But after that fall I just never had the same energy. It seemed much tougher. I also decided to skip my planned 5 mile run for after work today. No need to beat up these frazzled legs.

Tomorrow's plan is to put a mile in the pool over lunch and hit speedwork on the treadmill after work. Then I'm getting together for beers with Chris, I haven't seen him since the B2B where he also ran the half iron. I can't wait. Then this thursday's long run is supposed to be 20 miles, but that's increasing my milage too fast. I might go for 15 again and hope the MP3 can survive this time.

I need your help with something. Kelley and I are going to enter one of these pictures in a "cutest baby" picture contest somewhere. She knows all the details, but we can't pick a picture. Only Evil Genius is young enough to be eligible. So please tell me which one of these pics we should submit:

And of course I can't put up all of these EG pics without putting up one of Bigun. We took the kids to a park saturday afternoon for some fun outdoor time while it was semi-warm. They loved it!

Thanks guys! Have a great day! And remember a cutest photo contest is a great time to de-lurk! I missed national de-lurking day last week, so leave me a comment anyway dang it.


RockstarTri said...

I'd go with the top picture. Just make sure you don't swap in the picture of your butt. That wouldn't be so good.

Also, putting up an Andrew Jackson probably is a little much at this point. Remember, it is almost time to taper for the show down.

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Oh it's so hard to choose! They are all so adorable. I'm kinda liking the top picture - she looks so adorable but also grown-up in it. She has such pretty blue eyes!!

Ryan said...


$100 dollar bar bill??? Are you kiddin' me. Maybe I'll ride my bike up this weekend to Raleigh...if you'll drive me home Sunday :-)

2nd pic

How many drinks does one actually get for $100?

There are a lot of "dudes" living vicariously through me as a Man-Ho but now CJ is becoming PJ and my new Idol...Woop Woop Party John!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

They are all so dang cute, but I'd also go w/ the top pic! You have the cutest kids.

I think I would fall ALL THE TIME if I had a bike. I remember a lot of wipes outs as a child so can only imagine the trouble I'd get myself into as a much heavier, clumsy adult!!

I hate it when my ipod dies during runs. It makes them feel like they last FOREVER. Not fun. Way to go on pounding out that many miles on a treadmill, though. I did 7 outside on Sunday but I ran on snow/ice-packed trails and then there were times when there was snow that wasn't shoveled so it was sort of like running in sand... So it totally messed up my pace, but I still finished w/ an avg pace of 9:20 which I am happy with.

64 degrees sounds heavenly!!

Lisa said...

12 miles on a treadmill is still incredible

GeorgiaSnail said...

12 miles is fine, and they were fast enough to make a snail cry.

There seems to be one thing missing from that statement...actual proof of said speed....no mention of time or pace in that statement...Me thinks there is something rotten in NC and it is not the Tarheels recent record...

I like #2 also....

the gazelle said...

Trail rash is a badge of honor. :) One of my worst bike injuries comes from a fall when I was going about 2 mph, actually. (The worst comes from accidentally missing my turn, ending up going off a jump, through a stream, and not making the next turn, so I crashed into a tree. That was awesome.)

the top picture is pretty cute, but unless I'm voting on baby animals, my opinion might not count for anything.

RBR said...

Your children are impossibly beautiful. Christ. I do not envy you in about 10-12 years.

Dude, 12 miles on a treadmill?! A plan of 16?! I can not even fathom of these things. I ran fours miles on the track in driving sideways rain yesterday to avoid the treadmill. You guys with snow and shit, that have to train inside ALL winter are the TRUE endurance athletes.

RE: The pictures - I can't choose they were all face so meltingly cute, that my face has subsequently melted. Good luck.

SteveQ said...

Hey, Carolina Cletus, I check in after a long spell only to find pictures of a pretty girl in a bathtub - there goes my parole!

(I say 2nd picture)

Tricia said...

What lovely girls you have!


* Tyly * said...

Oh my gosh, she is GORGEOUS!!! I'd go with the middle bathtub picture, because there aren't any outside distractions and her face is adorable.

I'm glad you agree that $164 is a good deal, and it got even better when I got the $15 discount! I got the whole thing for $149!! My non athletic friends think I'm nuts for spending so much money, but they just don't get how awesome they are!!!

Alisa said...

oh yikes about the bike crash, glad you're okay!

64 degrees...so jealous!!

I like the 1st photo or #3. She really is adorable.

You are cranking out the workouts.

What is tripower?

sarah said...

I really like the first picture. Very cute. Evil-but cute.

Also thanks for the comment. It helped in more ways then you know.

teacherwoman said...

I love 'em all!

I am going to vote for the 2nd pic.... I also love the swing one, but there's a creeper in the back. lol.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Wow, hard to choose! Her eyes in the 4th picture totally jump out! #1 is awesome too! 12 miles on the TM! Ouch! You're a strong dude CJ!

Carly said...

Great job on the 12 miles!

What a cutie! I would kill to have those baby blue eyes. I like the top one the best.

Wes said...

Definitely the first one. I wish I had some good bike trails around here. Not riding on the Green Way. To much raised board walk for me. As a contractor, I'm not eligible to use the fitness room. I told my boss that was OK now, but they might want to change their mind when it gets warmer out ;-)

Jess said...

I'm torn between the very first picture and the first bathtub picture. I love how big her eyes look in the bathtub picture.

You're gonna be chasing the boys away soon enough ahaha.

Badgergirl said...

12 on a treadmill? Wow.

Love all the pictures, but I'm leaning towards the first one or the swing. But I think my vote goes with the first one - it's the expression.

Missy said...

All cute but #1, I think. Bigun is super duper cute too.

Sounds like some good times! I'm hoping to get into some trouble like that next week. I'm guessing I'll be successful.

Hey, Carly had a blogger dream about you and I and posted about it...

Havs said...

Super cute kids! All girl family...that's me and most of my friends too! And our Saturday night dinner bill for the group was $600, which included 2 bottles of wine. Add the bar tab(s) with shots of Don Julio, Jamison, Capt 'n Cokes, beers, hotel bill...we were approaching $300 (for two!). No workout on Sunday for me either!

Anonymous said...

What cuties you have! I vote for 1 or 3 :)

hebba said...

cute kids! I'd go with the second one!

Rachael said...

Hey! I found your blog through Amber's. Your girls are SO pretty! I love the first picture.

That's so awesome that you quit smoking and started running...congrats!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Geez! I must drink a lot. I didn't even flinch at the 3 digit bar bill!

Ouch on the fall. Glad you are ok though.