Monday, January 25, 2010


Well it looks like we're going to take photo #1 and crop out some of the background stuff and turn that into the photo contest. Thanks for all the input! It was a huge help.

I've been hitting my workouts on target pretty well for the last week or so. Cleared 14 miles on the treadmill thursday night even though I was barely prepared. Swam a ton last week. I had a pretty good weekend too. Kelley's sister came to visit with our niece. Got to hang with the kids a lot. Went to a friends kids birthday party (it was cold - pony rides? in january?) and had a blast getting to hang with them for a while.

Then sunday afternoon something amazing happened. I was driving from greenville back to raleigh. I remembered how my jeans had not been fitting correctly for a while now. They have just been loose, baggy, and generally unattractive. So I pulled into the place just to try some on.

I like Bass jeans. I tried some on. And it turns out I have dropped a whole pants size. I bought those pants.

I thought it was a fluke at first, so I hit up J Crew next. Their stuff tends to run a big snug anyway, so it was worth a shot. I bought another pair of pants.

Then I remembered how much I love Banana Republic. And I found it. And I bought another pair of pants. Those were actually a bit loose. This is not real. This is not actually happening right?

They all had a 34" waist. I have not been able to wear a 34 since long before I got married 11 years ago!! Shall we take a quick trip back in time?
  • 1993 Graduated high school 135 lbs size 32
  • 1998 Graduated college 145 lbs size 34
  • Nov 1998 got married 165 lbs size 36
  • 2000 been married 200 lbs size 38
  • 2002 crazy weighlifting 210 lbs size 36
  • 2004 too fat to have babies 225 lbs size 38 and holding on for dear life
  • 2005 lost weight had baby 190 lbs size 35
  • 2007 had another baby 235 size 38 but would have been comfortable size 42
  • 2008 started working out got down to 200 lbs size 36
  • Freakin sunday size 34 - 203 lbs?
Yes that's the strange part. The last time I could wear pants this size I was 60 lbs lighter. WTH? I think all the running has increased my bone density and made my organs heavier. I know body composition stuff, muscle weighs more than fat, yada yada. I think this is proof that the scale is just a number. It's still mind boggling that I weighed in at 203 at the gym today.

This is a direct result of swimming. If you have never considered swimming as a body toning tool, you really should. And check out Total Immersion swimming. Using those techniques engages your core in some really cool ways. TI has let me up the yardage that I swim and my abs always feel sore after I do it right.

Even today I did 1000 yds in the pool. I did 10 by 100 yd sets really hard - a 1:40 avg - with 1 minute rest in between sets. Before I learned TI it would have been over 2:00 per set and I could have only done 5 like that. After the swim it was time to nom nom nom eat it up and good. I get so freaking hungry after a good swim. When I went back for my 10k run after work I really started feeling my abs about 3.5 miles in. Again the mantra came back into my head: "This is where 6 pack abs come from". So regular swimming has directly reduced my waistline and will make me a stronger runner in the future.

I can see this playing out over the course of the year where my abs finally come out to play. I'm considering documenting that reveal by posting regular ab pics here. Right now that would be quite embarrassing. And if they never come out of the fridge then I just posted a bunch of pics of my fat belly for no reason. gotta churn that idea around for a while. You might remember last year where I had a goal to where white pants?

I have a goal for the summer, and it's ok if it makes you chuckle. I want to wear a pair of white pants this summer. As soon as I say that, Kelley corrects me and says "cream colored pants". whatever. I want white pants, no shirt, and heads turning so fast they snap off. you can't have the little bit of beer gut I've still got and make that happen. you can't have a waist bigger than 34" and pull off that look. the "skinny" jeans I'm happily wearing now are a size 36. So it's not a weight loss goal. it's a reshaping goal. Remember i work from home, so I can then just throw all of my shirts into the goodwill pile. try and make me wear one.

That was in February of last year. I have been reaching for this 34" size for a long time now. I did not expect to see it again ever, really. So this is quite astonishing. This year's goal is to run a summertime triathlon with no shirt on without looking out of place. The same "white pants" standards still apply. only now it actually seems attainable.

There are a few other updates:

My friend Catherine had her baby this weekend. I talked about her in this post a few weeks ago. Her husband is doing better but still waiting for a bone marrow transplant. The baby boy came a few weeks early but is really healthy. I am so happy for them!

I got featured for my career at Girl With the Red Hair. Amber is absolutely one of my favorite people in the blogosphere, and I was honored to be able to answer her questions. I tried to show how smart people really just have a high tolerance for boredom and can get really detail oriented. Still it's a very cool blog to be featured on. And I thought my writing was insightful and tasteful. horsefeathers. check it out for yourself.

Got my first trail race coming up this weekend! should be a blast.


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

What great proof that the number on the scale is JUST A NUMBER. The scale sucks - I like to go by how my pants fit and how I feel. I can tell when I've been eating bad and slacking because then I start to feel like crap!

Thanks again for being featured on the blog. I REALLY enjoyed reading your answers - they were pretty much hilarious :) And also thanks for doing some replying in the comments tonight and keeping the discussion going!

I'm jealous of your trail race. I've been dying to do some trail running lately but it's still much too snowy here :( Haha

RockStarTri said...

Get rid of the fat clothes. Now. Before you even think about it. Then celebrate. It is a big deal seeing those results.

Poor Amber. She needs to set her sights higher for interview candidates. She should have a follow up with Kelley. Now that would be interesting (but of course I wouldn't allow my wife to read it!)

sarah said...

Nice to know that men are excited about dropping a pants size, too. Great job!! And yes, get rid of the fat clothes. that is what I did when I dropped a size. nockswas

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I thought your guest post was awesome! Gives me insight into the life of my brothers. They both work in similar careers. I try to pretend to understand what they do, but I totally don't!

Can I get a 'hell yea' for fitting into those pants? Way to go, that is awesome! I love it when you move down in sizes. I went from a size 12 down to a 6 in the last year or so. I still weigh in once a week but have learned to accept that the scale is not always going to be the best indicator of progress I've made. I want to do a real body fat assessment - the caliper is ok, but I want greater accuracy. I am thinking about doing an assessment in Feb and then checking it again after my marathon in October.

Again - congrats on the results! You rock!

Oh, and how did you only gain 10 pounds in college? You were in a fraternity so I would have guessed that you would have gained way more!!

Lisa said...

great job on reshaping.

the scale is just a number and how clothes fit is important. i get that. with me right now, the scale number is currently related to how pants fit. but at some point, that won't be true. good reminder.

good job also on the 14 mile treadmill run. amazing.

GeorgiaSnail said...

Don't forget to post a picture of your "ticket's to the gun show" to go along with the 6-pack abs....

Wes said...

what? You lose a little weight and go shopping like a woman? Oh the humanity!

I remember when I fit into size 34s again, and started getting all my race shirts in medium. Oh happy day. That is huge. Congrats, bro!

and as far as the white pants go... you go for it, but PLEASE! NO PICTURES!!

* Tyly * said...

Astonishing indeed. Thank you for reminding us that truly your weight is just a number! Your progress is inspiring and incredible.

Do you really think I can hit five miles on Saturday?! Will it be just as productive if I have to take a few walking breaks here and there? My PDR from a loooong time ago is 4 miles, and I only did that once. Before, I was so bullheaded about the fact that 'it only counts if you don't walk!' -- I didn't really know any better then. I'm quickly learning that lots of awesome runners stop and walk occasionally, and some even employ the Galloway walk/run method and use it consistently. I just have so much to learn.

Please, please feel free to dole out any and all advice. I am such a beginner, and I want to learn!!! Thanks so much for the support and the help!! I don't know how you found me, but I'm so glad you did! I appreciate it more than you know. :)

* Tyly * said...

Stories like yours are EXACTLY what I use as motivation. I wish I was at the level you are now, but at the same time, I know you started small! I am just beginning, so seeing how far you have come gives me so much hope!! I am so anxious to progress, but at the same time, I know I have to take my time and train in the best way possible.

Thank you so much for everything!!!

Missy said...

My weight stays the same but my junk all moves around - in the good kinda way. Number, meh, go with the measurements for the true test!

Amanda said...

nice job on the pants!!! you'll be rocking out the shirtless race soon enough.

good luck in the trail race this weekend. They're fun!

Jess said...

I saw your post on Amber's blog and thought it was really fun. I sent it the BF and he said you lose nerd cred for admitting you work for a strictly Microsoft shop. The BF is a coding nerd too lol.

Way to go getting back into a 34! That's awesome and you're right. The scale is just a number!

teacherwoman said...

You're right - the number on the scale is just a number, and your story is great proof! We all need to be reminded of that from time to time. It's all about how our clothes are fitting and how we feel!

Congrats to Catherine and her baby boy! I am still praying for her husband.

Alisa said...

Here's to the white pants campaign! Cheers!

Swimming totally helps my abs...though really I SHOULD do more core work =).

Jess said...

Wow, that's a lot of information to process!

healthy ashley said...

Congrats on the new pants! That's always an exciting experience :)

And okay, okay! I will learn to swim ASAP!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Congrats on the pants!

Rachael said...

As much as I LOVE to see the number on the scale go down, I always notice a change in my clothes first!

Good luck on your trail race this weekend!

Ryan said...

Any of those jeans make your junk look huge?

Are you like Seinfield and actually remarking your jeans a 34?

You said "Density"

carrie said...

Nice interview at Amber's! (and nice work on the pants size!)