Monday, April 6, 2015

Total March Madness

We're watching the NCAA national championship game right now, and it's a real nail biter. Turns out, most of March was pretty tight too!

Swim: 25,550 yards, 9 swims
Bike: 40 miles, 3 rides
Run: 41 miles, 2 runs
Strength: 7 times, some long
Yoga: 13 times

I only ran twice in March, an easy 3 miler in the middle of the month and the 38 miles of pacing in the Umstead 100. Did another easy 3 on Sunday and my hip has been killing me since then. Got to go see a doc about that one. What kind of doc do you go to for a hip flexor problem?

March also included a week in Disney, and I got a new tattoo inked in on the 26th. Which really makes the 25k I put in the pool that much more impressive! I did that in only 18 days available to swim! boo freaking ya. It is swim season and I'm loving that. We're going to see a lot of swimming through the summer, partially dependent on the hip issue, partly just because I freaking love it and I can swim that often now that my masters team has noon practices.

In my non-swim time I hit the weight room pretty good. I'm seriously sore tonight. Saturday I lifted and actually squatted 225 for the first time in years! And I've been really working on my swim muscles, that could be why I've been hitting some faster splits lately. Curling with a 60 lb bar, hitting the triceps and lats hard too. March is the time when the swimsuit body is built. Summertime showing off is built in the spring. it's cutting season.

And naturally that brings us to the Monday Morning Naked Weight. I still (shockingly) haven't lost all of the Disney weight yet. I have dipped under threshold (175 lbs) a few times since then but nowhere close to the 171's I was seeing before. This week it's time to get serious and get back into the 160's. Last Monday came in at 180.2, but that was after the buffet at the Umstead 100. This week was 177.4, so close and much more manageable. Bodyfat was also down to 18.6%. I'm hopeful about getting back into some low numbers this week.

Also, I've finished signing up for my races this year including a surprise addition. This is the first year for the official Raleigh Beer Mile, and I've wanted to do a beer mile for years! Can't wait for this race. It's at a local microbrewpub, so we get to chug Natty Greene's beer. Also, I picked the WC-50 as my qualifying 50 mile ultramarathon this year. It's in Charlotte at the national whitewater center, all trails, lots of single track. And as if that wasn't enough, I've been asked to join a husband and wife team as their swimmer for a relay team in Ironman Raleigh! I will jump at the chance to swim in Jordan Lake.

This past weekend was Easter, and we had some good family time. The kids had easter egg hunts, but I didn't get enough pictures. The best picture I got was a family portrait of us in front of the flowered cross at church on Sunday morning.

Yes they wore easter bunny ears to church
April is going to be fantastic! I am very optimistic about spring coming and the work I get to do in the next few weeks. Bring it on!

Final: Duke wins! Love seeing an ACC team win a national championship. It might even be a good night to ride over to Durham, but there could be rioting around campus. Sometimes those Cameron Crazies can really be nuts.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

The Whitewater Center is a fun/cool area so that will be a great place for your first 50 miler! And it will be cool to do the swimming leg of that local IM! Very cool!

I hope you get your hip issues figured out! I am always unsure what kind of doctor to see for things like that... maybe some sort of orthopedic doctor?

March was a pretty strong month for me as I ran 85 miles, biked 16, did 8 barre classes and some other strength training workouts. It felt like the longest month, though!

Abby said...

You ran 2x and still have higher mileage than many people do for a month. That is crazy awesome. I'd love to pace for something like Umstead.

Tea said...

Suns out. Guns out.