Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Firsts

Kelley's first time frying green tomatoes

First time picking RED tomatoes from the garden, also picked the first jalepenos of the year!

First time without that big tree in front of the door!

First time I called this a "petting zoo" at the Farmers Market

First time buying in bulk this year? peaches and blueberries cheap to freeze will keep us in smoothies all winter long!

First day of school! Yes they started july 7

Evil Genius lost her first big front tooth! Now she can't whistle.

It has been a big week of firsts for us. We love the year round school schedule, they started back on Monday into 2nd and 4th grade. We got 2 big trees cut down from the front yard last week. Ironman build phase is in such heavy demand right now I have no time at all to post about it. Monday was also my birthday, I turned 39 for the first time (there will be others - I have issues), and I feel like I am absolutely destroying the really tough workouts this week.  I also still have an unexpected race (ride) report to put up! Cheers!


Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Wow, going back to school in July would be hard! I guess as parents it's probably awesome though. I am sure my parents would have loved to have me out of their hair in the summers... Isn't it great to pick fresh veggies? I love having a garden; it's so rewarding. I am trying cucumbers and watermelon this year just for fun. The cucumbers are small but tasty; the watermelon has not done much yet...

Abby said...

Your ironman schedule is proof that marathons will be enough for me. I don't know how you do it and balance family life. Awesome job!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Dang, I can't imagine how busy you are with IM training + family stuff! I hope you had a great birthday! The produce all looks awesome. I can't believe the kids are back in school but I can see why you guys like the year round schedule. I actually think I would have liked that as a kid as I got pretty bored during the summers.

Tea said...

When my sons were younger, I loved the schedule. The breaks were short enough where they didn't forget everything!