Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Gardening Wednesday

Well we got about a foot of rain Tuesday night, so the garden is "well watered" now. And we've got lots of stuff starting to ripen! Check this out

Habanero plants are loaded!

Lots of jalepenos starting to get large

We have already picked plenty of red ripe and delish tomatoes! These green ones are huge.

Yes this basil plant is waist high! And those are roma tomatoes growing next to it. Can you say salsa?
We've also got plenty of muscadines that are actually starting to ripen and get larger. We've got our first canteloupe on the vine now! it's still tiny and I don't even have a picture yet. but it's cool. And all of these tomatoes.  wow. The roma's are at least twice as big as anything you can find in a store, and have 10 times as much flavor! they are ripening quickly and we're going to be overrun with salsa and marinara sauce soon.  We've got a few vines of yellow salad tomatoes growing too, and we're picking those by the dozen practically. But the big fellas are taking their time turning red.

Happy gardening!


Abby said...

Looks great. I have been picking all the cherry tomatoes off my parents plants and popping them directly in mouth. I am such a helpful gardener;)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I've said it before and I will say it again - I am so envious of your garden! I eat tomatoes like an apple so would love to have an ample supply of them. Instead I eat the crappy grocery store ones. Mwah. But at least my basil plant is doing well!

Caroline Thomas said...

I love your garden!

Caroline Thomas said...

I love your garden!