Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wordy Wordless Wednesday

EG had to be pulled off of the bike game

But she did find some swagger in the gift shop

Wow, 8 pics for a wordless wednesday? This is really a catch up post that I've been too busy to put together. We had some fun with the Hightowers last weekend at a Dave & Busters that recently opened up, and had a blast! Of course Evil Genius was going nuts in there.

I wore a pink shirt to work the other day! It actually looked really good, the ladies in the church choir didn't believe me when I told them I actually dressed myself that day. They thought Kelley picked it out!

Bigun was under the weather a bit, and Kelley had a meeting at the school. So I got a nice helper in the office for a few hours! Then we all went out to lunch.

Kelley's going to kill me for this one. We had a skating event with the kids school that ended up being a lot of fun!

Getting the kids helping me out in the garden!

This weekend in the garden we added some compost & manure, it will really settle in and provide the most ideal soil for planting. Really starting to come together. Also, I'm growing a beard again and might even try a new haircut.

You can see the difference between the two beds. The bed on the right we finished, turned the soil over again to work in the additives, then raked it smooth and got all of the non-rotten organic matter out of there. It is ready for planting! Bed on the left still needs to be turned and smoothed.
Kelley and I went to the visitation thursday night for my friends who lost their baby last week. It was pretty sad, but they are going to pull through it ok. There was a lot of people there! They know how much love and support they have to get through this difficult time, and they will get through it ok. We were unable to attend the funeral on Friday, that's when Bigun was hanging in my office.  The kids don't really know what happened, and I'm ok with that.

This weekend is the Myrtle Beach marathon! I want to apologize now to my feet and my liver for what I'm about to put them through. Can't wait to get down there and run hard! and see all of my peeps again. Ah that's going to be fantastic. 

I'm also excited to mention that I made the 2014 AAA Carolinas Triathlon team! So excited to be training and racing with this great, fun, supportive group of fellow athletes. I really enjoyed promoting my sponsors and supporting my teammates last year with this group. This should make 2014 a lot more fun.

If I don't get to post again before then, have a great weekend!

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