Friday, February 28, 2014

Feb is Done!

February has come and gone. And yes I know today is the last day, but tomorrow I've got a marathon and I don't want a list to get in the way of posting a race report.

Swim: 12,300 m 4 swims
Bike: 40 miles, 2 rides
Run: 94.2 miles, 10 runs, 1 marathon
Strength: 10 workouts
Yoga: 20 times

It felt REALLY good to get back in the pool on the reg. I can't wait to start hitting the RAM team practices 4 or 5 times a week for the 5 mile OWS training. 94 miles of running is pretty good too, just shy of my 100 mile target. yes. I'll take that. I missed a few Sundays on the yoga mat too. 20? not too shabby. I feel great, and I'm glad I got done what I got done this month.

The Umstead Trail Marathon is tomorrow. This makes 2 full marathons in 14 days trying to get a second star for the Marathon Maniacs. It's going to be a blast! I've been running in Umstead for years. it's going to be really fun to pull a full marathon out there. I've got the trail beard all queued up and ready to go! In fact, I snapped this during a test trail run last Saturday in Umstead.

Hopefully the weather will hold out! This pic it was 70* and sunny last Saturday. Tomorrow it supposed to be high of 49* and a chance of freezing rain. oh joy.


Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Good luck tomorrow! I love that you have your beard all primed up. Good for beer festivals and trail races... I have a friend from here running the 100 this year (I know it's a different weekend). It will be interesting to hear how he thinks it compares to our CA ultra races!

Tea said...

Good Luck!

hebba said...

Nice! You are kicking it so early in the year! (I think I gotta move back south where the weather is warmer)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Feb was a strong month for you, especially since it included a huge marathon PR! I had a good month as well. I ran 33.5 miles which is pretty good for my first month back to running. My mileage will stay that low until I see my doctor in April, but it's a good base to build upon and I've fit in other workouts like walking hill routes on the treadmill and spin class. Hopefully the weather cooperates this month so I can also add in some hiking.