Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Wild Times

Well I've got 2 weeks worth of training to catch up on.  Things got pretty wild.

This was a recovery week, and I got sick on top of that. A scant < 10 hours of training, and over half of that was in the half ironman I accidentally PR'd.  I came down with a head cold on Thursday and laid out of work Friday, it was awful. By Saturday I had finally started to feel normal again, thank goodness.

The good thing about recovery weeks is that you feel a lot better at the end of it.  And the rough thing about a half ironman is the recovery time that you need after putting up such a race level effort.  I knew that after racing that on Sunday, I had the first peak week.  The difference?

yea, that's kind of insane. The two biggest weeks in the entire training plan are the peak weeks. Making the peak weeks follow the half iron race might not have been smart, but that's just the way it played out.  Week 1 still has that gaping hole on Saturday, even though it was supposed to be a 7 day week.  The totals for this week came out to be 181 miles on the bike, 37 miles of running, and 3.6 miles of swimming adding up to just over 17 hours. It was supposed to be 20 hours but I missed the 1 hour runoff after Friday's long bike ride, and the 90 minute ride on Saturday.  Sunday was kind of eventful, but I'll get to that.

Cast Iron Club update: oh it's getting close.  As of 9/22 I'm sitting on 47.96 iron swims, 29.82 iron bikes, and 21.93 iron runs. This is really shaping up!

That big hole on Saturday? I went down to Myrtle Beach with Kelley and the Kids! Actually they were there from Wednesday to Wednesday and I was only able to join them for the weekend. I actually took Friday off from work to do the long bike ride, and head to the coast after that. The day started to get away from me, so I skipped the 1 hour runoff after the bike and got to the beach about 9 pm.

Saturday I got to play in the surf with the kids, and when it got hotter and rainier in the afternoon Kelley and I went out for a little shopping.  Kelley got some really cool pictures of us playing around.

Playing with the kids in the surf

I kept trying to get Lena to ride on my back while bodysurfing

Ella loved riding waves on the boogie board! Could not get her off of that thing.

EG and me having fun

I stuck to bodysurfing. Pretty good sized wave there!

Apparently Bigun and I came in really close on the same wave. I think my head looks funny in that shot.

She gets her tan lines from me, obviously.

Bigun and I riding the same wave

I wish I could be this happy about anything, ever. Innocence of childhood joy gets totally lost after 30.

She's just having fun

I tried to jump over that wave and it took me out! My face says it all

This is a really cool shot! Playing with EG can still be a blast.

I like the action in the water drops in this pic.

bodysurfing is fun

Even Lil' Wayne showed up on our beach! (not the real weezy)

Sunday I got up and ran 9 miles in Myrtle Beach on Ocean Drive. It was scenic and beautiful, and flat and hot and humid. Then I enjoyed breakfast with the kids (I got back before Kelley got out of bed), and some coffee, then packed up the car and came back to Raleigh. I made it home at 3:45, and had a meeting with EG's Indian Princess tribe at 4 pm, so that was insane. We had a good time and got the schedule set for the year. Then I grabbed a quick bite to eat, 40 minutes on the bike and another 10 mile run to the capital and back.

Kelley and the kids just got back home, and I swear every night they were gone I was packed solid with workouts and other commitments. Burnout is eminent! I finished that run to the capital around 9 pm, then ate and got ready for work on Monday.  Most nights it was closer to midnight before finishing up.  Insane! And I still have to get up early to workout over the second peak week.  Last week was supposed to be 20 hours, this week is 22. I'm pretty curious how close I will be able to get.  I think 17 hours plus a weekend at the beach is pretty impressive for last week, and thank God the taper starts on Monday. Might not be able to post again until taper time, so y'all chill out for me!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

How fun!! Glad you had some great family time at the beach

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

OH fun! Seeing these pictures makes me even more excited for my trip to MB in about a month. I don't know how much swimming we'll be able to do as I think it might be cooler by then (who knows) but just seeing the ocean will be a great things for me and my land-locked family!

Nice work on the work outs. I can see why you are approaching burn out, though, as you are so busy on top of IM training!

CautiouslyAudacious said...

Accidentally PR'd? Wish those kinds of things happened to me! :-) Looks like a fun weekend! With a huge training brick, way to go!