Friday, September 6, 2013

All Week Long

Hey, guess why I haven't blogged anything this week?  Yep, back into the throws of Ironman Training. Been cranking the workouts this week and it has left me with zero available time. So I'll wrap up this week with two things.

First, Saturday I'm doing a relay race for the first time on Saturday.  Ironman training calls for about a 5 hour bike ride and 1 hour runoff, so I'm only swimming for the race.  My buddies Brian and Randy are doing the bike and run, respectively.  It's an oly race, and we've got a bet going (and lots of nice trash talking) with three other local triathlon buddies. Sunday I've got a long run, then we're all going out for a few drinks with the losing team picking up the tab. I like our chances, but some of these guys are pretty quick. Whatever happens it should be a good time and we'll get some fun stories.  Nothing beats racing with friends!

Second is a photo dump.  Last weekend after all the workouts were done we took the kids to Umstead for a hike. The river was really high thanks to lots of rain the day before, so it made for some cool shots.  But first......

That is a serious meatball sub that Kelley made for dinner the first Saturday of College Football.  I never take pictures of food, it was that good.

These are all of the hot peppers I have left after eating as many as I could this year. TONS!  Must make hot sauce. It was my labor day project that never happened. They are all amazing little gems, though.

Kelley and the kids down by the river

What happens when you put an Evil Genius near water? Nothing. She was too scared to get very close.

My biggest tree hugger

Hanging with the kids for a little nature

Someone is happy to be outside in the woods!

Our kids can find a dance floor anywhere

I got surprised - notice all that sweat! It got hot out there.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am envious of those fresh hot peppers! Yum! Will be fun to turn that into homemade salsa.

Looks like you had a fun family day outdoors! The girls are so cute - Bigun just keeps looking more and more grown up in each photo you share!

Alecia Taylor said...

Yummy looking meatball sub!

Awe, mountains. I wonder if they miss me as much as I miss them.