Monday, September 2, 2013

Finally on the Mend

Since I got the good news on Wednesday to resume daily activities, I tried to ease back into it for the rest of the week. Still took my rest day on Friday.  The real test was 3 hours on the bike Saturday and 11 miles running sunday. And I'm pleased to report that the foot feels ok after both of those! 

I'm still taking the Aleve and wearing the brace when I'm not working out or sleeping.  So biking and running without the brace did me a world of good mentally.  I'm taking it easy and running really slow, and my quads are really sore today.

Happy labor day! I'm so glad I don't have to go into work today. We had no plans for the long weekend and that's exactly what we did. it was as glorious as it sounds.  And since Sunday kicks off September, here's my totals from August:

August 2013
Swim: 28,250 meters, 9 swims, once in the ocean!
Bike: 460 miles, 11 rides, 1 century ride
Run: 22.3 miles, 6 runs
Strength: 8 times
Yoga: 10 times

Sooooo....... no running all month.  Really I haven't run any since the Battle at Buckhorn weekend on 7/27.  That goes right along with the foot tendonitis. But when the doc also said no biking for 2 weeks I did not expect to get 460 miles this month.  That's pretty cool. I also used the time off to hit the strength training and yoga time.  It felt fantastic to reconnect with my yoga practice this month.

September is going to be interesting.  I have to return slowly into this build phase. There's my first race on a relay team next weekend, and have a half iron coming up the next weekend. Then it's supposed to finish with the peak weeks in the build phase of the training plan, which are totally insane - like 21 to 23 hours on the week! Fun and challenging.

Speaking of fun and challenging, did you enjoy the first Saturday of college football as much as I did?  It's usually my favorite day of the year. This year college football kicked off with a bang! My favorite game of the day of course was watching Clemson pull out a great win over Georgia.  Go Tigers! NC State had a good start to the season, and I managed to avoid all of the extra traffic that we catch when there is a home game. All in all, my favorite teams to watch all won and I got to see some great games in relative peace.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am so not a college football person, but it seems like the majority of the people in my twitter feed sure are. ;) Sounds like there were some fun/exciting games!

I am so glad that you are back at it and that your foot is holding up well thus far. I pray that will continue to be the case for you. I just want you to have a great race experience come October. You have done everything you can (that is in your control) to be ready, so hopefully your body cooperates!

Karen said...

It had to feel good to get that 11 miler done after the injury! Onward and upward to B2B!!!