Monday, October 29, 2012

Pretty girls at a Wedding

October 20th was a Hallmark day.  Beach 2 Battleship, the Great Floridian, the Tuna Run relay team, a kids birthday party, it was a huge weekend all around.  We were back in Greenville SC watching my cousin get married!  It was a great ceremony and a really fun weekend.

There was tons of construction going on I-85 so it took us about 6 hours to get down there instead of the usual 4.  Saturday morning I still had to get in my long run, so I figured I would get out to Furman for a few miles.  I didn't realize it was their homecoming weekend until I got onto campus.  The giant "Welcome Home" banner over the front gates was my first clue.  Then the campus was packed with people in purple, and floats out on the big grass mall.  I was still able to get a parking space and put about 14 miles on some gnarly single track trail around the lake.  I even saw an old friend while I was out there, it was quite a homecoming indeed!

Funny thing, after I was done running I still had to get back off campus.  I had some pretty bad nipple chafing, so the shirt had to go as soon as I got done.  Then I was driving out of there through the homecoming parade again, all covered in sweat, snot, tattoos and bloody nipples.  And here were all the fancy Furman folks in suits and cute purple dresses, and you know I got some of the strangest looks when I drove out of there.  I guess they weren't expecting to see me that day any more than I was expecting to see them.

The wedding was a blast.  The story is best told in pictures.

The first dance

Evil Genius was tearing up the dance floor!  She loved it.

Dancing with my mom

The dress swirls out

EG dancing with her daddy

Bigun dancing with Unc

Unc has moves.  he gets low.

And apparently Unc's girlfriend had no idea he could move like that! (love her!)

Me and Kelley getting our dance on

The happy couple on their way out! 

Me with Uncle Palmer.  I hadn't gotten to see him in years!
Sunday we made it back to Raleigh in pretty good time.  Bigun and I had an Indian Princess fall outing to get to way up in North Raleigh that afternoon.  So after driving up here we were all completely exhausted.  Bigun had a huge headache and laid down for a few, but didn't want to postpone the outing.  So we ended up going and made it into the camp at North Raleigh around 5 pm.

We got to eat dinner with the tribe and go through the evening ceremonies (that did involve toilet paper, kerosene and fire) and we ended up having a blast.  We missed the fun camp-y stuff but still had a blast.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Fun! The girls look so cute on the dance floor - and I love the look on your brother's girlfriend's face in that photo. Too funny. I love dancing with kids at wedding dances. I am always out there with my nephews as most of the other adults don't like to dance, so I get to be the cool aunt that twirls them around. Turns out even boys like being twirled. ;)

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Looks like a fun time! I love your family; they look like a lot of fun! And you clean up pretty good! I used to love those swirly dresses when I was a kid.