Friday, October 19, 2012

Camping with Princesses

Saturday morning Kelley had a great 5k race while I stayed home with the kids. She turned in a sub-31 minute time and racked up some great Grand Prix series points. 

When she got home I took off for my first long run to the capital building and back.  The State Fair is going on this week, so it created a lot more traffic.  I caught a lot more red lights than I was expecting, and still managed to pull a 1:18:56 for the 10 miles.  I love pulling a sub-8 pace going down Hillsborough street in Raleigh.  This time I lost a few good minutes to stop lights and still went sub 8 (10 miles at an 8 minute pace is 80 minutes, or 1:20) and that's even more cool.

After the run I got to watch about 10 minutes of Kona coverage and football before starting the prep work for the camping trip.  It was insane.  Find all the gear, get the food ready, get everything pulled together to get out there by 4ish.  We still ended up here:

Check out all those veggies on the campfire grill!
We had a ball.  For a while.  The air mattress we brought in the tent wouldn't hold air for very long.  So what started out as a nice comfortable sleep quickly turned into no sleep at all.  It got not cool.  and left me very uncomfortable for most of sunday.
Somebody all snuggled up in the sleeping bag.
Sunday morning I was pretty sore, tired, and cranky.  We had a good breakfast at the campsite, did some prep work for this sunday's Indian Princess outing, and headed home.

I did get out for a decent run.  I went 16.2 miles, giving me a total of 26.2 miles for the weekend.  Since my legs felt like they had some kind of poisoning it wasn't exactly a comfortable run.  But it's in the books.

This weekend is a new opportunity for some fun.  We're heading out of town for a wedding and I'm still going to get some long runs in.  Good luck if you're doing Beach 2 Battleship or any other race this weekend!


Amber said...

Still amazed you fit in your training around all this life stuff. Looks like camping was fun!!

Jess said...

I agree with amber. Getting such training done alongside everything else is amazing!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Great job Kelley! I love camping and it looks like you guys were having fun. I have found out more as I have gotten older how totally worth it good gear is. I used to be able to sleep anywhere, but now I need a sleeping pad and a good sleeping bag!

Colleen said...

You are such a good dad!! :)

Awesome run for you!!! And congrats to Kelley!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Wow you fit in a lot of stuff and still got running in. That is very admirable! I use way too many excuses to skip runs, and I'm going to really try to work on that!!

Marc Nelson said...

Woww amazing camping! It seems you had a wonderful time full of adventure,together with the kids. Camping refreshes both the body and mind.

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