Monday, October 8, 2012

Let Them Drink Beer

This weekend was pretty memorable, and the upcoming few weeks are going to be pretty noteworthy as well.  I know these back to back long run days are going to be a great way for me to prep for the ultra so I started on that bandwagon this time.

Saturday morning was cold and sunny, perfect weather for a great run outside.  I went from our house around the state Capital building and back for a nice 10 miles in 1:22:46.  Pretty great way to start things off.  It felt effortless and was very close to an 8 m/m pace.  Hillsborough street has some pretty good hills, but that route is amazing. Goes right past the NC State main campus, into downtown, around the cool Capital building grounds and back.  I plan to repeat every Saturday possible.

After some recovery and football, I went to the World Beer Festival in the Durham Bulls ballpark with our friends Gary and Jenny.  It was Gary's birthday so we wanted to get out and have some fun.  Kelley doesn't drink beer so she provided the transportation.  It was as awesome as you think it might be.  It started like this

Gary, Jenny, me before those tiny glasses got filled up
There were tents on the ballfield and setup around the concourse with different vendors pouring the good stuff.  I found plenty of local favorites and some microbrews, and even Newcastle and Corona showed up.

That quickly led to this:

Four hours later

They filled up that little two ounce glass about 20 times for each of us.  Turns out it would actually hold four ounces if they poured it right.  We had a blast, and Gary had a great birthday.  Good times all around.
Sunday I really slept in.  about three hours later than usual.  Still made it up in time to head to church and sing with the choir.  It was a great service, our church also hosts a chinese, west african, and farsi church and we all came together for that service. 
In the afternoon Bigun and I had to take care of some Indian Princess business.  Nothing like keeping the kids in the car for a few hours in the cold rain to perk up a sunday afternoon.  We're hosting the tribe meeting this week and had to do some things to get ready.
Afterwards I made it to the gym and hit the treadmill up for 14 miles while watching the Panthers game.  Held a steady 8 m/m pace the whole time, and felt good.  Only stopped at 14 because they were closing at 7 pm.  So the saturday 10 miler was great, Beer Festival was fantastic, and the 14'er was ok.  24 miles of running on the weekend combined with 20 tiny beers is not a bad way to spend some down time.  Who needs that Chicago marathon anyway?
This weekend is the Rev3 triathlon in Anderson SC.  I so wish I was able to make it down there to see some of the great people that are coming into my hometown for the race.  Good luck if you make it out there!


Hugh Jass said...

That beer festival sounds awesome! Did you hear they ran out of medals for about the last 1300 runners at Chicago? I would cry!

Diana said...

Great sounding weekend! Glad you had a designated driver and made time for God!
Continued good luck with the training!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

14 miles on the dreadmill? Dude I so could not do that. My limit is about 6. I just can't handle dreadmills - unless they have solitaire on them, like the ones at the Westin I stay at in Charlotte do!!

Sounds like a fun weekend!!

Lisa said...

I can't even imagine 14miles on a treadmill. ick.

sarah said...

Sounds like fun!!

And great job on the 14 miles!! You know I'm a treadmill runner.

Colleen said...

Wish you were going to be in SC this weekend! :(

Sounds like a great weekend. And 24 miles in two days after beers in pretty amazing.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Oooh! I love those tiny glasses of beer; it makes me feel like less of a lush! I am glad you had a fun weekend!

Katie said...

I just love beer.

Sarah said...

I didn't know you were from Anderson! I lived there for about 6 weeks in 3rd grade, and then we moved to South Florida. I loved it there - we had such a pretty southern house.