Monday, June 11, 2012

New Baby

Last week the kids went to stay with Kelley's mom for the entire week.  It was glorious.  We enjoyed the freedom with date nights and going to restaurants where our kids won't eat anything on the menu.  I was able to complete workouts without any kind of interference, except from construction workers.  The week in workouts was not spectacular, pretty normal for a high base phase.  The only funny thing that happened was that I went to the RAM team practice on thursday night and some construction workers had cut the power lines to the pool building.  Since that cancelled our practice, I headed to the gym and swam 3000 yards in that pool instead.  No biggie.

That meant this weekend we had to go down to SC and pick up the kids, and with a new baby in the family we had to head to Charleston first.  My brother Michael had the cutest baby girl:

Combine that strawberry hair with the new baby smell and it was so adorable.  She's 10 days old in those pictures from Saturday.  It's amazing how much crap can come out of a butt that's only 3" wide.  All she did while we were there was eat and sleep.  I can't believe we didn't take more pictures. 

Summer's parents were still there when we arrived, it was fantastic getting to visit with them for a while too.  But the best part about having a new niece?  Getting to give her back to mommy when it's time for us to go.  We left Raleigh saturday morning, took 4.5 hours to drive to Charleston, then after visiting for a few hours with the baby & swapping new parent stories, drove another 2.5 hours to Prosperity SC.  We were wiped when we got there, but so glad to see the kids again.

Sunday we got to play around the lake some, and Evil Genius can really cast a fishing pole!  She's going to be quite the angler in a few years.  I was completely trashed after the 5 hour drive back to Raleigh, but of course by then the kids were just ready to get out of the car.  So they went wild. 

Now we have to break some bad habits brought upon by Nana.  Like the midnight bedtimes.  That was torture last night, and we're all lucky to have survived.  But that's what grandmothers are for, right?  Somebody has to let them break all the rules.  It's going to be a fun trackout.


Wes said...

I'm still amazed that your genes produce such cute babies :-) Freak of nature I say!! BWAHAHA!

Hugh Jass said...

We usually have to deal with a candy high brought on by grandparents who leave giant bowls of Dum Dum's out like an all you can eat, tooth rot buffet.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That baby is so cute! I love the smell of babies - and holding them is so relaxing for me. I got to hold my cousin's baby at a wedding I attended on Sat and it was the most relaxing moment of the night.

Ha, yes, it's totally grandma's job to break some of the rules!!

raulgonemobile said...

Wow, a week? Cool!

Babies are cute, but they're still too fresh in my mind. I get instantly tired when I see them.

Katie said...

awww, adorable!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Wow, a week without the kids must have been great! Also, how do babies always smell so good. I love a freshly washed baby smell...and that soft skin! But not the poop.